Fans Want ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Maggie Sajak As Host

Maggie Sajak on Wheel of Fortune | YouTube

Many Wheel of Fortune fans still don’t like the idea of Ryan Seacrest taking over for Pat Sajak as the show’s host. There have been complaints on social media ever since the announcement was made. Even with Pat giving Ryan his blessing, fans still don’t want to see it. Now, many want Maggie Sajak as the new host.

Here is what fans are saying about Maggie Sajak and Wheel of Fortune.

Wheel Of Fortune Fans Want Maggie Sajak As Host

Maggie Sajak had previously substituted for Vanna White on Wheel of Fortune as the co-host and letter-turner. She also did exclusive interviews with Pat Sajak as a special media representative as he prepared for his final appearances as the show’s host. Now, some fans want her as the new host.

Maggie Sajak | YouTube
Maggie Sajak | YouTube

In a Reddit thread titled “Maggy [SIC] Sajak should host the Wheel, and a man should flip,” one Redditor wrote that Maggie was “groomed” for her father’s job and would be perfect. They also said it would be great to see a female host and a man turning the letters on the new iteration of the show.

This brought about a lot of comments, some in favor of this because of a dislike of Ryan Seacrest, and others who felt Maggie wouldn’t be right for the job.

  • “I totally agree. Ryan Secrest is kinda scummy too.”
  • “No I don’t like nepotism.  Seacrest can spin the wheel, and we can find a unknown female to host that has earned it without being born on third base.”
  • “I would have been happy to see someone like Brooke Burns, Meredith Vieira, or Robin Roberts get the hosting job, but Maggie hasn’t shown any indication that she’d be good at hosting.”

The one thread running throughout the discussion is that a female host might be a good idea, but not necessarily with Maggie Sajak in the role. One commenter said that Maggie is perfect as the social media correspondent and a stand-in for Vanna, but it sounds like the majority aren’t as interested in her as the main host.

Other Wheel Of Fortune Fans Say Give Seacrest A Chance

While these posts are becoming common, many fans are still unwilling to give Ryan Seacrest a chance. However, one comment mentioned that Seacrest is the host, and people should watch the show, enjoy the game, and not be so bothered about who is hosting it.

Maggie Sajak - YouTube, Wheel Of Fortune
Maggie Sajak | YouTube

While many fans are unhappy about the change, others want to give Ryan Seacrest a chance. When Wheel of Fortune posted its moment where Pat Sajak handed over the reins to Seacrest, one fan wrote ” “I’m going to give him a chance. You got this Ryan, make Pat proud!” and another said, “I will miss Pat like crazy but Ryan is a hoot and he and Vanna will make it fun for the contestants and viewers!” (via USA Today).

Would you rather have Maggie Sajak as the host over Ryan Seacrest on Wheel of Fortune? Do you think fans should just give Seacrest a chance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I totally agree that Maggie should be the new Wheel host instead of Ryan. I mean, she’s been around the show so long, and she has been a guest host and letter turner, aside from the fact that she’s Pat’s daughter, what else needs to be said? I would also like to see, no offense to Vanna White, that if in fact Maggie would become the new host, that the Wheel brass would hire a male letter turner. I feel that I’m not alone in this thought. Would be a very good idea to make this happen sooner rather than later.

  2. Anyone besides Seacrest would be ok. Maggie, absolutely. She’d have exquisite coaching from her Dad. Audience knows and like here. Seacrest is on everything and its overdone. Making a huge mistake brining on seacrest.

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