‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Shocking Way Vanna White Lives

Vanna White - Wheel Of Fortune

Although Wheel Of Fortune is going through many changes, one of the primary staples is still intact: Vanna White. But fans are surprised after learning about how the millionaire lives her life when she isn’t on camera.

Big Changes

While Vanna White and Pat Sajak have been a team on Wheel Of Fortune for more than four decades, the duo is no more. Although the on-screen “TV couple” will always be friends, they no longer will be working together regularly like they have for so many years. However, they have discussed that they have traveled with each other’s families for years and celebrated many big events together, so their story isn’t over. Seemingly, Pat knows how Vanna lives outside of the studio, but the rest of the world is getting a surprising glimpse now.

Vanna White & Pat Sajak - Wheel Of Fortune - News 10
Vanna White & Pat Sajak – Wheel Of Fortune – News 10

Shocking Way Vanna White Lives

Undeniably, Vanna White makes a shocking $3 million annual salary with Wheel Of Fortune and has an $85 million net worth. But it would be hard to tell by looking at her lifestyle at home. According to Closer Weekly, an insider said, “You don’t see her on the Hollywood scene going to parties and premieres.” Instead, Vanna is a homebody, “She prefers to stay home and cook for her family and have date nights in with her boyfriend, [John Donaldson].” Although the letter-turning queen is always dressed to the nines during the show, she is happy to sport jeans and t-shirts rather than the fancy duds she showcases in the Wheel. Likewise, the insider touts she isn’t “frilly or lavish” in her daily life. Further adding, “She gets her TV wardrobe from the show and could easily finagle taking a few home, but she doesn’t feel the need.”

Vanna White Lives Frugally Despite Her Millions

Unmistakably, Wheel Of Fortune was Vanna White’s big break. While she struggled to get there, her early years affected the way she lives currently. In her early years, Vanna wasn’t even able to furnish her apartment due to her financial insecurities. According to the insider, Vanna still focuses on spending her money on “practical things.” They further elaborate saying, “She remembers her humble roots.” Then add, “When she was so poor and struggling in Hollywood that she couldn’t afford furniture for her apartment.”

Ryan Seacrest and Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune
Ryan Seacrest & Vanna White-YouTube

But Vanna has come a long way since then. She invested in real estate, is a published author, and additionally is an entrepreneur. Among her ventures, Vanna owns a line of yarn, Vanna’s Choice® Yarn which is sold by Lion Brand®. Furthermore, she gains funds through licensures that use her likeness on slot machines. Although she is extremely frugal, she has a soft spot for a very important charity. She dedicatedly supports St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, to which she contributes often. Reportedly, Vanna donates half of all her yarn proceeds to the charity. With a surprising sum, as of 2016, of more than $1.7 million in donations.

What do you think about Vanna White’s way of living? Does it surprise you? Are you ready to see Vanna and Ryan Seacrest in the new season of Wheel Of Fortune? Drop your comments below.

Bonnie Kaiser-Gambill


  1. Vanna knows her roots and that shaped her decisions in later life. My late father (lived till 96) did likewise and supported various community organizations once he reached some affluence.

  2. Vanna knows where she comes from her roots are strong. The simple things in life is what she wants. Not the glitz or glamour but dressing up now and then is nice if she wants. Of Course she has money.. but sitting on the life of no worries is a dream come true. My mom passed in 2022 she was a charity giver to ASPCA. We have a charity here that I give to WE CARE gives to needy families in time of need.

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