Why Isn’t A New Episode Of ‘Love During Lockup’ On Tonight?

Rob-Love During Lockup-YouTube

Why isn’t a new episode of Love During Lockup on tonight, June 14th, 2024? It seems like the season went by so fast and there is so much more fans want to see. So, why is it not on, and when will it be back? More so, what is on in its place? Keep reading for more details.

Why Isn’t A New Episode Of Love During Lockup On Tonight?

Friday nights have meant Love During Lockup for the last few months and the drama following couples in inmate love. This is the precursor to Love After Lockup as viewers will see the couples trying to make it work while one is still locked up. By the end of the season, some are still in jail and will be for a long time to come. Others are just being released and will make it to Love After or quickly see that they are not meant to be. In the June 7th episode, Rob was released after spending 16 years behind bars, and his wife, Tennie, was right there waiting.

Shonta-Love During Lockup-YouTube
Shonta-Love During Lockup-YouTube

Joey and Michael made the call to keep their romance growing and see what it could become. Shonta and True are struggling but she has had a lot of off-camera drama involving housing lies and such. Therefore, this romance may have been doomed from the start. Ayonna was released from prison which was a great win for her. However, can she make it work with Jamahl? Rick and Samantha may have been married but he learned that was a mistake and has since filed for divorce.

Luckily, Andrew and Candice did not walk down that same path as she opted to marry another man who seemed far more up her alley. It feels like there is so much more fans want to see and learn about but it won’t happen tonight. That is because last week’s episode was the season finale. Next up will be Love After Lockup but first, another show will take its timeslot.

Here Comes Mama June

Prior to Love During Lockup beginning, Mama June: Family Crisis had the first part of its season. It showed Anna Cardwell, who has stage 4 adrenal carcinoma, tie the knot. Yet, she also has to deal with the chance she may not make it. Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson got ready for college in Colorado while learning her mother used and stole most of her money. Now, the show is back for the rest of the season and Anna is deteriorating while Alana wants her money back. So, that will air Friday night from now on, and no word on when Love After Lockup may premiere.

Are you upset that the season of Love During Lockup is over? More so, are you looking forward to Family Crisis? Let us know and watch the premiere June 14th on WeTV.

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