‘Love During Lockup’ Meet Candice’s Husband, Ismael

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Love During Lockup star Candice did end up having her own happy ending but it was not with Andrew. She found love with a man named Ismael (his middle name) and they tied the knot. So, what is there to know about this man? Keep reading for more details and to meet Ismael.

Love During Lockup Meet Candice’s Husband, Ismael

When Candice was released from prison, she was going to be with her love, Andrew. He was ensuring that she had all she needed to be comfortable upon her release. Unfortunately, that was way too much pressure for Candice. The Love During Lockup star felt overwhelmed by all that Andrew was giving to her and needed to pull back. She had been married twice prior but maybe a third marriage was not what she wanted immediately after getting out of prison. Soon enough, Candice told Andrew that it was over and they parted ways.

Andrew, Candice-Love During Lockup-YouTube
Andrew, Candice-Love During Lockup-YouTube

As the season was still going, it came out that Candice had gotten married so some fans wondered if it was to Andrew. It was not but rather to a more rough and tumble man named Ismael. The two tied the knot in November 2023 but who is this man? According to Starcasm, he is 30 and from Mexico originally. In the last eight years, he has been incarcerated three times for felony convictions. In 2017, he was sentenced for possessing a stolen vehicle. That sentence was between 1 and 4 years. There was an additional 1 to 6 years for felony burglary.

Ismael had his probation revoked in both 2019 and 2021. In 2019, he was convicted of felony possession of a firearm by a felon. That would cost him between 1 and 4 years behind bars. Two years later, he was sentenced for the previous conviction, receiving 1 to 6 years. Fortunately for him, he was granted 440 days credit for the time he had served. Hopefully for Candice, the Love During Lockup star and her new man have straightened their lives out and can live peacefully.

Near Death

Despite all of Isamel’s legal drama, there was a time when he was left for dead. In 2016, he nearly lost his life over drug money. He was just 22 when this all happened but was stabbed over and over then left to die. More so, his neck was slashed and it gets even more graphic. He was smart enough to pretend he had passed so the attackers set the home on fire but he escaped. Luckily, a passerby saw the flames, found him, and was able to get him to safety. This is one dramatic Love During Lockup ending and he was not even a cast member.

Do you think this marriage between Ismael and Candice will last? Or, is it just in the the heat of the moment? Let us know in the comments below.

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