‘Love During Lockup’ Shonta & True Still Together?

Shonta-Love During Lockup-YouTube

Are Love During Lockup couple Shonta and True still together? They are facing a lot of issues off-camera as well as on. So, how has this worked for the duo, and could they handle the stress? Or, did they end up calling it quits? Keep reading to see what ended up happening.

Love During Lockup Shonta & True Face Major Problems

Shonta is very similar to many inmate girlfriends or wives as she relocated from Kansas to Missouri for her man, True. She claimed she owned a home in Kansas, which she was selling, and opted to get a place in Missouri. The reason was so that she and True would not have to wait to be together. Of course, the Love During Lockup star was not being completely transparent about her living situation and home ownership. More so, she had evictions and was in her own level of hot water.

Shonta-Love During Lockup-YouTube
Shonta-Love During Lockup-YouTube

With that being said, where does she stand with True? Have they been able to find stable housing or did more come up that caused their relationship to fail? According to Starcasm, there appears to be more to the story as someone filed an order of protection against True. This happened in March 2024 but it was not Shonta. So, does this mean that he was playing around with another woman or did he get into an altercation with an unknown person? As it turns out, the person who filed the order was a white woman in her twenties.

She resides in True’s hometown in Missouri and it does state that the petitioner did have a relationship with the respondent, presumably True. Per the “Findings” section:

“This court finds that Respondent’s relationship to Petitioner is as follows: Reside(d) together, Romantic/intimate social relationship.”

The order of protection will go until April of 2025 and True cannot communicate with the petitioner in any capacity, including third parties. There will be no disturbing of the peace or any acts of or threats to commit violence, molestation, stalking, or disturbing of the peace. There is also no talk or threats of harming the petitioner’s pets and no staying at their residence. Finally, the respondent must stay 500 feet away so essentially, all bases have been covered.

Did Shonta & True Make It?

Though they did a Facebook Live back in March 2024, there is nothing about True on Shonta’s Instagram. The Love During Lockup star has her son and her family but that is it. She is not showing any signs that she has kept him around so maybe this order was the final straw. It did come out that he had a son but this woman is not the mother. Hopefully, as the season comes to a close, more answers will be revealed about their status.

Do you think they stayed together or were there too many dealbreakers? Let us know and watch Love During Lockup Fridays on WeTV.

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