‘Love During Lockup’ Star LaTisha Collier Evicted Once Again

LaTisha Collier-YouTube

Love During Lockup star LaTisha Collier has been evicted once again after having some issues with buying and renting. She became known for marrying Keith Collier, who is an inmate until 2025. Now, she is making waves for her own shady business. Keep reading for more details.

Love During Lockup Star LaTisha Collier Evicted Once Again

During her time on Love During Lockup, LaTisha Collier was about two things. The first was her inmate husband, Keith and the second was her business. She was a boss and did not let anyone forget that fact. LaTisha had her own tax preparation and financial services business which she had wanted Keith to be a part of. He had been helping get clients in prison but, as LaTisha learned, it was not a good idea for him to be involved in any capacity. She seemed not to care and was gung-ho that he should have some part in her job.

LaTisha Collier-YouTube
LaTisha Collier-YouTube

Then, her own life backfired when she was arrested in April 2024 for second-degree felony theft, according to Starcasm. Luckily, she let her followers know that Keith posted her $5K bond. Unfortunately, things just kept getting worse for her and she is finding herself in another legal situation. LaTisha has just been evicted from her rental home. She had initially purchased a lavish home but that did not pan out. Therefore, she went and rented a 5-bedroom, 4-bathroom home shortly before Christmas 2023. Yet, on April 11th, 2024, they served her with a notice to quit.


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The Love During Lockup star allegedly did not pay her rent and had a dog which seemingly was not allowed. LaTisha Collier responded with her own Motion To Dismiss five days later but she angrily typed it followed by signing off on it. This is not the first time this has happened as her business has been forced out of its locations a plethora of times. Then, she was evicted from her previous home due to the fact that it was unclear if this was a rent-to-own property. Now, she has this weighing on her.

The Verdict Is In

So, what was the verdict for the Love During Lockup star? Did LaTisha Collier get to stay or was her Motion To Dismiss enough or did it fail her? At a hearing on April 23rd, she was officially evicted as well as asked to pay the landlord’s legal fees. Now, there’s a touch more to the story as LaTisha had actually sued her landlord for $350K. She did this “for their fraudulent activities with this home, slumlord issues, and pain and suffering.” The civil lawsuit was filed on March 5th but along with this, LaTisha filed for bankruptcy when it came to her business. She has a lot going on and none of it seems good in any capacity.

After what you saw on Love During Lockup, does any of this shock you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and watch Love During Lockup Fridays on WeTV.

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