‘Love After Lockup’ Tayler George Flaunts New Man

Love After Lockup: Tayler George

Love After Lockup cast member Tayler George met bad boy Chance Pitt, and the pair filmed for the franchise. Recently, Tayler showed off a new man. So, what do we know so far about her new relationship?

Love After Lockup: Tayler George Fell For Criminal Chance Pitt

As most Love After Lockup stories go, Tayler George met Chance Pitt online when he was still behind bars. At the time the pair met, Chance was serving a seven-year sentence for grand theft auto and burglary after he robbed a bank. At least in the WEtv universe, this had all the makings of a perfectly twisted love story.

Even with all of that, Tayler and Chance’s relationship grew. They strengthened their connection through letters and phone calls. It was clear that these two were getting serious. Unfortunately, as often happens, the bubble bursts once the felon is back on the outside. As soon as that happened, Chance and Tayler started having problems.

Tayler George, Chance Pitt-Instagram
Tayler George, Chance Pitt-Instagram

Chance And Tayler’s Relationship Drama Eventually Led To Split

The fairy tale that exists when the Love After Lockup inmates are behind bars often crumbles once they are back on the outside and reality sets in. This is exactly what happened between Tayler George and Chance Pitt, particularly when it comes to infidelity.

Love After Lockup inmate Chance Pitt eventually came clean about cheating on Tayler George. Even before that, the red flags were present, as all they seemed to do was trigger one another. By this point, no viewers expected their relationship to last for the long haul.

Tayler George, Chance Pitt-Instagram
Tayler George, Chance Pitt-Instagram

Love After Lockup: Tayler George Flaunts New Man Online

Whenever Love After Lockup cast members go through a dramatic breakup, viewers are always curious about who they find next. Based on the latest updates from Tayler George, she recently flaunted a new man online. Here’s everything we know so far.

Tayler George shared a pic collage with her new man online. From the looks of it, the pair seems to be happy, as they are both smiling big. Tayler also confirmed what most Love After Lockup fans already suspected, that she and Chance are no longer together.

Tayler George-YouTube
Tayler George-YouTube

According to Tayler George, she really likes this new guy. She also said that she is not showing off these smiling pics just to get her ex mad. She seems genuinely happy with her new man after all the drama and toxicity she went through with Chance on the show.

Most cast members on Love After Lockup have a habit of chasing the bad boy or bad girl. Luckily, however, Tayler confirmed that her new guy “doesn’t have a record.” So, she may actually be turning over a new leaf after everything she went through with Chance. For now, Tayler is keeping details like his name and other information about him close to the vest. However, she certainly seems happy with her new guy.

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