Tayler George Called Out For Taking Chance Back?

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Has Life After Lockup star Tayler George taken back her tainted ex-fiance, Chance Pitt? In the season finale, she was done with him and his lies. He then proceeded to find a younger woman and get arrested. So, has she taken pity on him? Read on for more details.

Tayler George Called Out For Taking Chance Back?

It was inevitable that Tayler George needed to get away from Chance Pitt during her time on Love and Life After Lockup. He was taking out loans, getting credit cards, and amassing crazy amounts of debt. She then became pregnant but he made her get a paternity test. Plus, he wanted her twin sister, Bobbie to move out but she had been struggling with her sobriety so that hurt Tayler. He ended up putting Bobbie in an unfinished garage, she relapsed and eventually moved out of state. Chance lost his job but hid it from Tayler and their debt was mounting especially with her three kids and a new baby boy.

Chance Pitt-YouTube
Chance Pitt-YouTube

He was also lying constantly and unfaithful so she kicked him out. Chance finally confessed to cheating with five people including one man. Tayler was done with the relationship but Chance spouted rumors about her having cheated. Then he got into a horrid wreck, crashing and then fleeing the scene just a week after a DUI arrest. Now, it appears Tayler may have forgiven him as a Reddit thread has been started with a message from her sister, Bobbie.

Taylor Sister Bobby, now deleted
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Bobbie has since deleted this post but her claims are outrageous. She is saying that Tayler George allowed Chance and his girlfriend to stay with her as they had nowhere to go. However, Bobbie was apparently turned away when she was in need. She proceeded to go on a rant about family and how she had no one anymore, especially not her twin. Bobbie also alluded to the idea that Chance was in a halfway house but the girlfriend was still at Tayler’s. This was the ultimate betrayal.

Fact Or Fiction?

Whether this is true or not is unknown. When the new season of Life After Lockup was beginning, Chance Pitt and Tayler George were going at it. He was posting all over social media and she tried to get him to stop, likely for the show’s sake. It was Bobbie, as well as a friend, who was there to help Tayler get rid of Chance’s stuff after the lies were evident. So, what did followers have to say and what did they believe?

Tayler George, Chance Pitt/Life After Lockup/YouTube
Tayler George, Chance Pitt-YouTube
  • Taylor is a terrible mom. The kids are in the middle of all this trailer park trash
  • Sad but not surprising. Tayler let Chance treat Bobbie like crap from day one, and never put a stop to it.

Fans really felt bad for Tayler’s three daughters and her son, Mason. They also could not believe Bobbie would come out as the stable one.

Do you believe this dynamic or is this a dramatized story by Bobbie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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