‘Love After Lockup’ Chance Says He Is Related To Brad Pitt, How?

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Season 9 viewers have been questioning Love After Lockup couple Tayler George and Chance Pitt. Some feel he is super controlling while she is too naive. They wonder how she can be with someone aggressive like him but even more so, there is a bigger question lingering. At the beginning of the season, Tayler had mentioned how Chance was related to Brad Pitt. So, how exactly is the former inmate related to the Oscar winner?

Chance And Tayler Find Love After Lockup

When Tayler fell for Chance, he had been in prison for seven years. He was doing time for grand theft auto and burglary but was ready to change his ways upon his release. Tayler had already been through a lot after her twin sister, Bobbie battled addiction and incarceration, as well. She felt the need to keep her close so they lived together along with Tayler’s three daughters. Two of her girls came from her first love who ultimately passed away and it was a devastating blow. She had her third child with another man but that failed so she was giving love one more try.

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Upon Chance’s release, he moved in with her, Bobbie, and her three girls. He immediately tried to make changes and control the home. It caused a lot of stress between Tayler and Bobbie to the point where Bobbie left. Yet Tayler was determined to make it work with him and form a family. Eventually, he saw the error of his ways and was ready to take the next step. He decided he wanted to propose but on the night of the proposal, she was rushed to the hospital. It seems he is becoming more of a decent genuine guy but there are some things fans struggle with. Is Chance really related to Brad Pitt?

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In the beginning, Tayler loved the idea that her beau was related to Brad Pitt and even tried to compare their features. Yet how exactly are they related? Screen Rant shared an exclusive clip from this week’s episode where Chance explains how he is related to the actor. “My grandpa is brothers with Brad’s dad. I think I met Brad when I was around 6 years old at a family reunion,” Chance reveals. He goes on to share he had no idea they were cousins until someone mentioned it to him. When asked by producers what his favorite Brad Pitt movie is, he responded: “Mr. and Mrs. Pitt.” He laughs and quickly realizes it is Smith.


Though there is no proof that Chance and Brad are related, there is no way to tell if Chance is lying. Chance likes to pride himself on being a ladies’ man which is how he was able to successfully rob a bank. Is that how he is successfully stealing Tayler’s heart? Do you think he is actually Brad’s cousin? Let us know in the comments and watch Love After Lockup Fridays on WEtv.

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