‘Life After Lockup’ Tayler Defends Chance Grabbing Baby From Her

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Life After Lockup star Tayler George is defending her fiance, Chance Pitt’s recent actions on the show. Chance has done some indefensible things, from the time he appeared on the screen. However, Tayler is still sticking up for him but is it justified? Read on for more details and to see exactly what she had to say.

Life After Lockup Tayler Defends Chance Grabbing Baby From Her

In the latest episode of Life After Lockup, Tayler George finally gave birth to her baby boy, Mason. This is her first boy as she has three girls from previous relationships. She was very nervous once she found out that she was having a boy as she had previously lost a boy. However, she was able to carry this little one to term and was really excited. Unfortunately, her twin sister Bobbie came in for the birth but left after a short time. She claimed that being in a hospital was somewhat triggering for her as she is a recovering addict.

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Once Mason was born, he was handed to Tayler but within mere moments, it seemed like Chance snatched him from her. Fans were up in arms over this as they felt he was being rude and not allowing Mason to have skin-to-skin time with his mother. Furthermore, Life After Lockup viewers saw Chance seem very demanding. He wanted to control everything that was happening in the delivery room but Tayler jumped to his defense. The mother of four took to Instagram to put out a statement regarding the situation.

“I’ve seen so many posts, comments and messages about chance taking Mason from me after he was born and how it pissed off so many people.please don’t be mad about it, in my defense because I’m not mad about it. When I watched it i seen a man eager to hold our baby! A man who actually wants to be involved in the delivery of his baby, and who was there the entire time I was in the hospital. I can’t fault him for that. I can’t complain that mason’s father waited just as long as me to hold him and actually wanted to… Sorry, but not sorry,” she wrote.

Fans React To The Statement

Of course, Life After Lockup fans saw this and were not happy with what Tayler had to say. They pointed out that it was not just Chance grabbing Mason. Viewers have been watching him lie, hide things from Tayler, take out loans, build up debt, etc. The nail in the coffin was Chance getting laid off. He shared this in the latest episode right after Mason was born. Unfortunately, he could not find work immediately so he headed to a bar.
Tayler, Chance/LAL/Instagram
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There, he found a gambling machine and blew seventy dollars. At the same time, Tayler was on the phone with Bobbie telling her that they were struggling with money. So many secrets were being hidden from her. Therefore, that is what fans are mad about and his grabbing Mason was the icing on the cake.
Do you think that Chance was in the wrong for grabbing Mason from Tayler right after he was born? More so has his attitude since the beginning skewed the way fans feel about him? Let us know and watch Life After Lockup Fridays on WeTV.
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