‘Life After Lockup’ First Look At Chance & Tayler’s Baby Boy

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Life After Lockup couple Chance Pitt and Tayler George might be in labor and delivery on the show. However, in real-time, their baby boy Mason has already made it Earthside. So, who does he look like and which parent does he favor? Read on for more details and a first look at baby boy Pitt.

Life After Lockup First Look At Chance & Tayler’s Baby Boy

It was quite a shock when Life After Lockup couple Tayler George and Chance Pitt found out they were expecting. They had a lot going on in their lives. Chance was adjusting to life on the outside while Tayler’s twin sister, Bobbie was dealing with a relapse. Plus, Chance and Tayler were newly engaged and she had three daughters from previous relationships. Their plates were full so another baby was something that they were not necessarily ready to take on. However, when it happened, they embraced it.

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Unfortunately, Tayler was very scared as she had lost a baby boy in the past. Therefore, this was scary for her this time around once she learned she was having another son. She did not want to face the horror she went through once prior so she was very cautious. As she was growing her baby, Chance was recklessly spending money and taking out loans behind her back. He even flew in his son whom he had not seen in almost two decades. It was a lot to handle but she finally was ready to deliver their son and now, they are showing him off.

In an Instagram post from Tayler, she introduces the world to Mason. Alongside a photo of her smiling at her baby boy with Chance behind her, she wrote: “Everyone gets to meet mason!!! Don’t miss the new episode of life after lockup on WETV on Friday!” Fans were quick to chime in. “Congratulations ūüćĺ welcome to the world ūüĆé Mason! ūüéā,” one wrote. Another added: “Congratulations God bless you always and ur beautiful family‚̧ԳŹ.”

Happy Little Family?

Of course, there are some Life After Lockup fans who shared that they did not like Chance at all. However, they are happy for Tayler and Mason. Recently, the couple faced a huge challenge on the show when Tayler found that Chance had been talking to another girl but deleted the chat. She got so livid that she took all of Chance’s belongings and threw them in the firepit while he was showering. Of course, he denied doing anything wrong but it was hard to believe him when he has done so many things behind her back. He even made her get a paternity test which was really stressful for her.

Fortunately, they seem very happy with their new baby boy. Hopefully, Tayler and Chance can put all of the bad in the past and focus on a positive future. Are you excited to see Mason happy and healthy? Let us know your thoughts and watch Life After Lockup Fridays on WeTV.

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