‘Life After Lockup’ Derek Warner Arrested Again, Why?

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Life After Lockup star Derek Warner has been arrested again. He has been facing a lot of trouble in his romantic life with Monique Robinson. However, it seemed that he was staying out of legal trouble. Unfortunately, that seems to be a thing of the past. So, what happened? Read on for more details.

Life After Lockup Derek Warner Arrested Again, Why?

Fans were upset that Derek Warner and Monique Robinson were missing from the recent episode of Life After Lockup. Admittedly, they have had a tumultuous relationship. After he served nearly a decade behind bars, Derek was finally going to be with his outside love. He and Monique had formed a connection while he was locked up. More so, she sent him everything he could want or need. However, they had different ways of living. She was overweight whereas he was super health conscious so this was a concern when she met him upon his release.

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Furthermore, Monique did not get along with Derek’s sisters at all. They mocked her weight and made fun of her on social media. It became super combative but Derek chose Monique. Unfortunately, he lived in Ohio while she lived in Illinois so she left him behind for a brief time. He was not faithful and had been having a relationship with another lady behind Monique’s back. She was able to forgive him so they went from Love to Life After Lockup.

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Now, it seems that the couple is still forging on but Derek is back to where they started. According to @merrypants, Derek was arrested Tuesday, March 28th. The reason was Felonious Assault and it occurred as he was leaving a restaurant. More so, it seems that Monique was there but she was in a car waiting for her beloved. Derek did not stay behind bars for long as he made the 10K bond though it is known that Monique liked to splurge on him. Therefore, she could have been the one who posted the bail.

What Happens After This?

The Life After Lockup star is not in the clear so only time will tell what will happen next. There will definitely be consequences as it was not too long ago that he was released from prison. Plus, this is a felony. So, TV Shows Ace will keep an eye out for what Derek is up against in the near future. However, there is no need for a relationship status update between him and Monique. Despite him openly saying that he cheated with around ten women, she is still with him. Will this latest incident change her mind? Doubtful but anything is possible.

Are you shocked that Derek got himself into trouble once again? Moreover, are you surprised that he and Monique are still together? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and watch Life After Lockup Fridays on WeTV.

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