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‘Life After Lockup’: Are Tayler & Chance Expecting A Baby?

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This season on Life After Lockup, some couples are struggling to make it. As for Chance Pitt and Tayler George, they are facing a lot of highs and lows. One of the biggest highs is their engagement and wedding planning. However, Tayler has a secret she has been keeping that may derail her dream wedding. Is she expecting a baby? Read on for the details.

A Life After Lockup Pregnancy?

A few episodes ago, viewers watched Puppy discover she was pregnant in a gas station bathroom. Like Tayler, she is engaged but not in a good place with her fiance, Eric. Tayler is in wedding mode as she and her fiance, Chance are headed down the aisle in the near future. In the latest episode, she was out dress shopping. However, her one question was about the waist as she admitted to gaining some weight. Additionally, she said she was feeling nauseous and such, basically a bunch of pregnancy symptoms.

Life After Lockup/YouTube/Chance and Tayler

She feared being engaged and pregnant because she had high-risk pregnancies in the past. Plus, her fiance died when she was expecting her son which resulted in a loss of pregnancy. So, is the mother of three going to be a mother of four? It appears that way. In fact, it looks like she may have already given birth to her and Chance’s little bundle of joy.

Life After Lockup/Amazon/Chance and Tayler

According to an Amazon baby registry, Tayler George from Elsberry, Missouri was registered for July 20, 2022. When the duo first appeared on Love After Lockup, Tayler introduced herself and that is in fact where she is from. It would be an interesting coincidence if this was someone else with the exact same name from the exact same place. Of course, anything is possible. Both Tayler and Chance have said nothing on their social media and probably can’t due to NDAs.

Rocky Past, Present, & Future?

Yes, Tayler met Chance when he was in prison and immediately moved in with her right when he was released. It was not easy for her at all, especially since her twin sister, Bobbie was also living with her. Bobbie struggled with addiction in the past so Tayler felt highly responsible for her. The moment Chance moved in, he wanted to move Bobbie out. After the new season of Life After Lockup had begun and the couple was engaged, he had a plan. He renovated the garage and put Bobbie there. She relapsed which was really hard for Tayler.

Life After Lockup/YouTube/Chance and Tayler

Additionally, he went out and bought an expensive truck with extra accessories. Tayler started to worry about how they would afford all of the excessive things. They are planning a wedding, she has three kids, and they are trying to build a life. However, he is overly confident that everything can work out. Now, it appears they may have one more addition to think about. Time will tell if she really needs extra room in that wedding dress of hers.

Do you think it’s the same Tayler George? Let us know in the comments and watch Life After Lockup Fridays on WeTV.


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