‘Life After Lockup’ UPDATE: Is Puppy’s Fiance, Eric Divorced?

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Last season on Life After Lockup, Puppy fell for Eric. He was quite suspicious and very controlling. Then it came out that he was still married. That has been a lingering issue he has yet to resolve since the new season started. So, has Puppy finally made an honest man out of Eric? Is he now divorced? Read on for all of the details.

Puppy Finds Love On Life After Lockup

It seems Puppy and Amber will always be attached in some way even if they are not romantically linked. Last season, they both found love. Amber reconnected with an old boyfriend while Puppy fell hard for Eric. There were a lot of questions about him. He seemed very controlling and did not really care for the relationship between the ladies. Though he knew that they had a past, he always wondered if it would come into the present. Then, Amber became single and his suspicions rose. Soon enough, Puppy shared that she had a warrant out for her arrest.

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Amber tried to help her with logic but Eric felt that they should run. He then popped the question and figured they should run off to Las Vegas and get married. Puppy began to plan her dream wedding but it was soon derailed when she was pulled over and thrown into jail. While she was locked up for a week, Eric took off on a vacation and did not even visit her. Amber questioned what his plan was. Did he really think he could be married to two people at the same time? It seems that way but has he finally filed for divorce?

Eric’s Status, Single Or Married?

As Life After Lockup viewers may have seen, Eric got tired of Puppy’s friends asking him questions. Therefore, he got up from Amber’s parent’s vow renewal and left Puppy behind. She had no idea if he was even coming back but everyone agreed he needs to get a divorce. When he finally came back, Puppy was quick to forgive him which she admits she does a lot. According to Starcasm, Eric and his wife, Heather were both arrested together. Yes, he has a past.

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Puppy, Eric

In any case, he and Heather were married in 2014. However, she filed for divorce back in March of this year. Yet, there is one problem. Heather cannot actually have her husband served as she has no idea where he is located. To make this easier for her, she has done what is called file by “service of publication.” She did this in early July so the hope is that Heather can end her marriage. No word on why Eric is holding onto his ex like this but it does not seem he and Puppy are racing to the chapel.

Are you surprised to learn Eric is still married and it’s basically his choice? Let us know in the comments and watch Life After Lockup Fridays on WeTV.

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