‘Love After Lockup’ Tayler George & Chance Pitt Have Split

Tayler George, Chance Pitt-Instagram

Love After Lockup couple Tayler George and Chance Pitt have finally split just a few weeks shy of the Life After Lockup premiere. Yet, it seems that Tayler is doing her best to try to hide the fact they are no longer together. What is going on? Read on for more details.

Love After Lockup Tayler George & Chance Pitt Have Split

Tayler George really had a lot of faith in Chance Pitt when he got released from prison. She had three young daughters as well as a twin sister, Bobbie, whom she was caring for. Her sister was a recovering addict so she had to be careful who she brought into the home. Plus, her first love and the father of her two eldest daughters, had been killed so Tayler had that trauma to handle. Chance came in and seemed like a great guy but he also wanted Bobbie out and had a lot of stipulations.

Tayler George, Chance Pitt-Instagram
Tayler George, Chance Pitt-Instagram

He then started to get a bunch of credit cards and loans without Tayler knowing as well as bought property. He proposed and she got pregnant but he made her take a paternity test. All of this set them back for the wedding but she defended him. Fans wanted them to break up and then he lost his job but hid it from Tayler. Now, they are back for another season of Life After Lockup. However, he posted a tribute on social media to their son, Mason for his birthday as he had to work that day and couldn’t be there.

Chance Pitt-Facebook
Chance Pitt-Facebook

More so, he said he was taking his anger out at a job. Chance Pitt did ask that his son be hugged as he loved him too. Tayler George soon clarified that someone can be a good dad without being a good spouse. She also asked Chance to change his captions before they got in trouble. It seems she is attempting to protect them from an NDA violation as the new season has yet to air. Chance refused to delete the post and said he doesn’t care if he is fired.

Tayler Maintains Her ‘Truth’

As for Tayler George, she is still playing the Love After Lockup game. According to her social media, she is still listed as “engaged.” However, she has posted a cryptic yet telling post on her Facebook.

So, it appears that Chance Pitt may have cheated on Tayler and she is subtly letting her followers know. Yet, Chance noted that Tayler won’t even send photos of Mason to him. He has no idea what their son was for Halloween but she supposedly did send pics of her and her ex-boyfriend. Chance made sure to point out that this was the same guy she was talking to behind his back on the show. He also alluded to feeling like he had wasted more time and money with Tayler and her family than he had when he was using and in jail.

“don’t worry, I’m right There with you. I don’t think in all my years of getting high in the past. Jail timelton etc I have ever wasted so much time and money. You know the only thing I can relate it. it’s like buying a bag of candy at the store, And you carry it around and you’re waiting for the perfect timing. And then finally when you open it ,it’s empty And then you realize it was empty the whole time”

After a lot of back and forth on different postings, one fan had this to say:

  • Chance Pitt silence is golden…. I’m a fan of both of you, ya’ll both need to stop. Block each other on social media if you guys have to. This is not going to get any of you anywhere.

Are you shocked that they did not make it or happy she saw the light? Let us know and watch their story on Life After Lockup premiering December 1st on WeTV.

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