‘Life After Lockup’ Fans Tell Tayler George To ‘Open Her Eyes’

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Life After Lockup fans think it is time that Tayler George ‘open her eyes.’ She has been seemingly blind to what her fiance, Chance Pitt has been doing. He not only took out a bunch of credit cards but he also buys things without her consent. Now, he is jobless but has yet to tell her. This is not a good look but fans are ready for her to just wake up and see. Read on for more.

Life After Lockup Fans Tell Tayler George To ‘Open Her Eyes’

Tayler George has been frustrating Life After Lockup fans. She is engaged to Chance and was there for him when he was in prison. Then, the moment he was released, he moved in with her, her three daughters, and her twin sister. However, he started making changes that really just benefitted himself and did not think about Tayler. He even felt it best that her twin, Bobbie move into the garage which he promised to redo.  Chance did the bare minimum and Bobbie ended up relapsing.

Chance Pitt/Life After Lockup/YouTube
[Chance Pitt-Credit: YouTube]
Furthermore, he started buying lavish things for himself like a shiny new truck, and wanted to buy the girls and himself a new home. Yet, he would make these decisions without telling Tayler. Then, she got pregnant and he questioned the paternity. This was not a good situation at all. Once they had baby Mason, Chance lost his job but didn’t tell Tayler and is creeping around. Now, fans are speaking up to Tayler on her Instagram and telling her their feelings about Chance.

“Pretty..he’s going to hurt you. He wants to be free. Prison mentality. Love you hate him. Babies are adorable,” one noted. Another added: “You look great, did u get rid of him? 🙃👍🏼😊.” Finally, someone had this to say: “If you would Clean House more- you’d find Out You are in Financial ruin!! Open your eyes and open your heart to girls!! 4 kids and your messing with him!! Following him.. put phone down hug your kids!!!” This referred to her constant phone tracking of Chance while her kids ran amuck with one even cursing.

She’s Been Through Enough

Tayler George has already been through enough in her short life. The father of her first two daughters passed away so that was extraordinarily hard. Then, her twin battled addiction for a while and Tayler felt responsible for her. That’s just how a family is. Then, Chance came home and made everything more stressful. Though he gave her a beautiful baby boy, he is being portrayed as a deadbeat who just slacks around. Since he is not working, he goes to bars and, most recently met up with a woman. So, this is why fans are desperate to protect Tayler. She cannot be mad at that.

Do you think it is time Tayler George parted ways with Chance? More so, do you hope she has already done so? Let us know and watch Life After Lockup Fridays on WeTV.

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