Faithful Teresa Giudice Fans Dub Her ‘Shady’ & ‘Disturbing’

Teresa Giudice-Instagram

Faithful Teresa Giudice fans are dubbing her “shady” and “disturbing” after the first two RHONJ episodes of Season 14. She has always been a troublemaker in her own right but viewers still gravitated toward her and her family. Now, it seems like she and her husband, Luis Ruelas are leaving an awful taste in people’s mouths. Keep reading for more details.

Faithful Teresa Giudice Fans Dub Her ‘Shady’ & ‘Disturbing’

Teresa Giudice has been someone that viewers love to hate or hate to love. Throughout her years on RHONJ, she has had an interesting storyline. Not only was she pregnant with her youngest daughter on the show but she and her husband, Joe Giudice were sentenced to prison time. She served one year while his time was considerably longer. Since he could not stay in America, they ended up getting divorced. Additionally, Teresa had an ongoing battle with her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, who joined RHONJ in Season 3.

Teresa Giudice-Instagram
Teresa Giudice-Instagram

Then, Teresa found love with Luis Ruelas who rubbed many people the wrong way. They got married but Teresa became even more estranged from her brother Joe and his whole family. In Season 14, it seems that the Gorgas, Teresa, and Luis do not even interact which is an issue for fans and Bravo. Now, a Reddit thread has been started by diehard Teresa fans. The OP wrote this:

  • I loved watching Theresa because she brought the drama but now I am completely over it. Her and Melissa and Joe are so repetitive. LIKE WE GET IT. But watching Theresa with Louie is so disturbing. He is so freaking shady and everyone sees it low key even Dolores but doesn’t say anything.

They feel that Luis is extremely fake and creepy, even adding that he gives “dirty john” vibes. So, what did other fans have to say?

  • Agree 1000000%. She’s so desperate for a man
  • Teresas middle name is delusional
  • Louie is completely calculated.
  • It’s unwatchable anymore. I just read the recaps
  • But Tre gonna be an idiot and let another man use her up and then act like she didn’t know shady things were happening

All Luis’ Fault

Some believed that Luis Ruelas was the reason why Joe and Melissa Gorga were completely alienated from Teresa Giudice. Had he not come into her life then she may have had a chance at reconciliation. In any case, they do feel that everything Luis does and says sounds completely rehearsed. They are also getting the creeps from him but know that Teresa is not the best judge of character. Therefore, she will just have to let it play out and see the truth for herself.

Have you grown tired of Teresa, Luis, and their love bubble? More so, do you get bad vibes from Luis or do you believe he really loves Teresa? Let us know in the comments and watch RHONJ Sundays on Bravo.

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