Melissa Gorga Done With ‘RHONJ’ After Season 14?

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Is Melissa Gorga officially done with RHONJ after Season 14 ends? She did not even know what would happen when Teresa Giudice made it seem like one had to go after last season’s reunion. They were both welcomed back but things are not the same. So, is Melissa seeing herself out? Keep reading for more details on the mother of three’s future.

Melissa Gorga Done With RHONJ After Season 14?

When Season 13 ended, it appeared that it was going to be between Melissa Gorga and her sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice. This was tricky as Teresa is an OG of RHONJ plus she has been a fan favorite for years. No matter what she does, it seems that audiences appreciate her for keeping the franchise going. Her brother, Joe Gorga, and his wife, Melissa, came onto the show in Season 3 and it was always up and down. They would have moments of beauty and calm. Then, it was as if a familial tornado had swept through Jersey and ruined all of the progress.

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Fans were torn over who they would want back but, in the end, they did not have to decide. Both Melissa and Teresa returned but did not interact the whole season. This made viewers question how the excitement would flow if they were not even speaking. Two episodes in, it seems that there is nothing left for Melissa at this point and fans are just tired of her:

It was also noted how forced everything that Melissa Gorga does is and how fake her tears are. Some viewers brought up lies from her past but then there are those who still really like Melissa. So, how does Melissa feel about the show? Does she have any plans to leave despite having issues with Teresa and some of the cast? Nope.

According to Distractify, Melissa plans on staying until the end. She spoke out in 2023 on her On Display with Melissa Gorga podcast:

“I’ve been reading a lot of things saying that I wanna leave the show or I’m no longer going to be on the show. I just want everyone to know I’m not leaving the show. I never run away when the going gets tough; that’s not my personality. Our family has been through ups and downs for so many years on this show, and I have never left before, and I have no intentions of leaving now.”

It Can’t Go On

Though Melissa Gorga shared she will not be going anywhere anytime soon, that does not mean she has job security. With the RHONJ cast so strained and not interacting, the show cannot go on like this. Andy Cohen admitted that it just is not feasible to have another season where the women are doing completely different things. Maybe they can find a balance so that they can keep their jobs but unless things work out, the show will see a reboot and not everyone will be on the roster.

Do you think it is time for Melissa to exit the series? More so, does she even have a storyline? Let us know and watch RHONJ Sundays on Bravo.

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