Andy Cohen Says ‘RHONJ’ Future Questionable With S14 Ladies

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Andy Cohen shares that the RHONJ future is questionable with the current Season 14 ladies. It has been mentioned that, come Season 15, there will be a complete overhaul. Yet, why are these women causing the show to struggle so badly? Keep reading for more details.

Andy Cohen Says RHONJ Future Questionable With S14 Ladies

RHONJ has not really changed their cast over the last few seasons. Jackie Goldschneider has stayed on but demoted herself to a “friend of” the cast. In Season 13, two new full-timers were brought on, Rachel Fuda and Danielle Cabral. Rachel was nervous as she was already close with Melissa Gorga and knew that could be a problem. Additionally, Margaret Josephs’ good friend, Jennifer Fessler came on as a “friend of” and people seemed to like her.


It looked like there might be a shakeup for Season 14 as Teresa Giudice and Melissa came to their final blows at the reunion. Yet, they were both asked back because the RHONJ seemed torn between who they would want to be nixed. Now, Andy Cohen has supposedly said something that has fans scratching their heads about what is to come. According to Too Fab, Cohen had spoken to ET and he opened up about Melissa and Teresa not speaking this season:

“Apparently, I told him, and it got picked up all over the place that Jersey, the idea of having both Melissa and Teresa on the show, that it’s not sustainable because they’re not speaking, and there are kind of two camps on the show. What I want to clarify is that I maintain that statement. It isn’t a sustainable universe to have kind of two camps on the show.”

Eventually, a Reddit thread was started to discuss the fact that the two ladies would not film together and the future of the show:

  • Start holding them accountable. If you don’t want to film with other cast members, leave🚪
  • Why did they even allow it? They knew Teresa and Melissa were done with each other before they started filming.
  • Cast members who refuse to film should be fired or paused until they do.

Let Them Go

Fans of RHONJ felt that this was not right for the cast to not film together but keep their jobs. Yet, one person did point out how Teresa Giudice was clear at the RHONJ reunion she would never be near Melissa Gorga again. Therefore, Bravo and Andy Cohen cannot be surprised when she does exactly what she said she would do. The new season begins May 5th so it will be up to the fans to decide how they feel about the dynamic. If they do not like one or the other’s storyline, they will make it very well known.

Do you believe that RHONJ should be completely revamped for Season 15? More so, should a cast member be fired for refusing to film with their co-stars? Let us know in the comments below.

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