Melissa Gorga Thinks Earthquake Is Ghost, Calls 911

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Melissa Gorga of The Real Housewives of New Jersey recently had a scare at her house. What ended up being an earthquake, freaked her out and she thought it could have been a ghost. It scared her so much that she called 911 asking for help.

Melissa Gorga Shares What Happened

ET got an exclusive with Melissa and she shared what went down at her house when the earthquake happened this week. This earthquake was a 4.8 and was felt all over the Northwest United States. Melissa was totally shocked by it. Here is what she said:

“I was in complete shock. I was downstairs in my gym, working out all by myself alone in the house. Nobody’s here today other than me and my dog, and the house sounded like it was being invaded. It was, like, shaking. The floor was shaking.”

Melissa Gorga-Facebook
Melissa Gorga-Facebook

Melissa went on to explain more. She had weights in her hands and felt like her roof was shaking. It probably was, but Gorga had no idea what was going on. After that, she received a notification that her front door, which she never leaves unlocked, was open. Melissa had no idea what was going on.

Gorga Thinks There Is A Ghost

Melissa Gorga actually got scared and thought it was a ghost. She said she has never delt with something supernatural before and thought that this was her first encounter with a ghost. Melissa went on to say, “I am screaming. I’m running up the stairs. I have 911 ready to push. So I dialed it on my phone.” It was then that she realized what was going on.

Melissa got messages from  Envy boutique employees saying they felt the same thing then her husband Joe called to check on her. Luckily, it was just an earthquake that scared Melissa. She also shared about it on Instagram and you can see the post below.


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Here is what some of the fans had to say on Melissa’s post:

  • Scared the hell out of me! I’m in Wykoff & my house shook so badly that I ran outside
  • My entire house shaking from an earthquake was not on my Friday morning bingo card but here we are
  • Did she need to say “I was working out!?”

Are you shocked by Melissa Gorga calling 911 for a ghost that turned out to be an earthquake? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

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