Jordi Vilasuso Returns To Soap Operas: Where Can You See Him?

Jordi Vilasuso

Soap veteran Jordi Vilasuso is returning to the soap opera world. Sadly, he won’t be coming back to The Young And The Restless. So where can you see him at?

Jordi Vilasuso’s Returning Soap Details

Soap Hub shared the details about him returning to the soap world once again. He is known for his roles on All My Children as Griffin, Days of Our Lives as Dario, Guiding Light as Tony, and The Young and the Restless as Rey. These were all great roles and the soap fans have missed him for a while now.

It turns out that Jordi is going to be joining The Bay now. This is a web series that is on Peacock so it isn’t actually on regular television, but it is worth paying for the streaming service to watch.

Jordi Vilasuso-YouTube
Jordi Vilasuso-YouTube

What Role Will He Play?

He will be playing a role that is new to him as a series regular in the role of Justin Ramos. This character was on the show back in Season 5, but hasn’t been seen since then. Now Jordi Vilasuso will take over the role that used to be played by David Lago. David was also on The Young And The Restless for a while. The Bay is in Season 8 now on Peacock. You can always catch up if you want or just dive in now and start watching.

Jordi spoke to Soap Hub about the exciting role and said, “I have known about The Bay for years and have met Gregori throughout my career. When he asked me to join the show as [the new] Justin Ramos, I was thrilled. Having the chance to work with A Martinez again and the rest of the incredible cast is exciting.” It sounds like he can’t wait to take on this new role.


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Jordi is also a very proud family man who is constantly posting his family on social media as you can see above. He loves to show them off. He is the father of three little girls one which was born recently.

Are you excited to see Jordi Vilasuso once again? Will you watch him on The Bay? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts. Don’t miss Jordi Vilasuso when he joins The Bay soon. An exact start date hasn’t been revealed just yet for him.

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