Maria Georgas Gets Cheated On: Does Something ‘Psychotic’

Maria Georgas

Maria Georgas recently talked about the time she got cheated on and the psychotic move she made after. She is a fan favorite from Bachelor Nation. Maria was on Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor. She made it to the final four, but ended up going home. On the podcast, Call Her Daddy, Maria has let fans know a lot about her life and what happened on the show. Keep reading to find out more.

Maria Georgas Reveals Relationship With Joey Graziadei

Maria Georgas recently revealed on the podcast that she had made up an excuse to try and leave Joey Graziadei. This happened when they went on a group date. Jenn kissed Joey in front of everyone. Maria then acted jealous later that night and told Joey she could not move forward. However, she ended up staying. Maria then revealed that she was not actually jealous and she was just trying to leave the show. She knew that she and Joey were not going to be the end couple and found no reason to keep it going. This has opened fans eyes to realize that the people on the show know who is going to win way before it is announced and have to keep going for television.

Maria Georgas/Credit: Maria Georgas Instagram
Maria Georgas/Credit: Maria Georgas Instagram

What Psychotic Move She Made

Maria Georgas recently opened up about the time she was cheated on. She went on to explain how she caught her boyfriend cheating on her. The girl he was cheating with ended up becoming good friends with Maria. Maria then revealed what crazy thing she did.

“K this is actually psychotic. One night, we were all out. And I was a little drunk, and I’m like, ‘I need to see if this girl is a good kisser’. Only because I was like ‘I want to see, I was like no I wanna know what the f*ck she has that I don’t.’ Like why this all happened. So, I made out with her one night.”


“Don’t cheat on your girlfriend because one day she’s gonna live to tell the tale” – Maria Georgas 👏😂

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It seems Maria was just curious what the other woman had that she didn’t and that is why she kissed her. She admitted it was psychotic but does not care. That is a very Maria thing to do. Fans feel bad that she was cheated on and the guy would never admit it. However, Maria is a strong woman who is not going to let anything keep her down. Fans enjoy hearing from Maria and the truth about her journey on the show. What do you think about it? Sound off in the comments below.

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