‘Love During Lockup’ Spoiler: Andrew & Candice Still Together?

Andrew, Candice-Love During Lockup-YouTube

Are Love During Lockup newcomers Andrew and Candice still together or have they already cut ties? It looked promising but that does not always mean much when one person is released from prison. So, where do they currently stand? Keep reading for more details.

Love During Lockup Spoiler: Andrew & Candice Still Together?

A new season of Love During Lockup began on Friday, April 19th and that means a bunch of new inmates and their outside loves. One couple is Andrew and Candice with the latter being incarcerated. Both have previously been married so they clearly have no fear of commitment. Yet, as many men do on these shows (and sometimes women), Andrew is preparing to set Candice up for her release. Not only is he getting them an apartment so they can start their lives together but he is getting her a truck. That is never a good idea as things can go south really fast and then the car gets stuck between the two of them.

Andrew-Love During Lockup-YouTube
Andrew-Love During Lockup-YouTube

On top of that, Andrew is ready to propose to Candice. He wants to make his inmate love his forever bride and has taken out some of his retirement money to make his dreams come true. So, did his fairy tale become a reality? According to Starcasm, Candice did get married but it was not to Andrew which is now quite sad. The two met via a pen pal situation which made Andrew fall hard for Candice. So much so that he is willing to move across the country to be with her.

Again, this is nothing new when it comes to prison stories like theirs. Just like other Love During and Love After Lockup cast members, it might start out lovey-dovey but ends very differently. Now, no one knows when and how the shift happens. However, in November 2023, Candice apparently married a man named Jose. Like his bride, he was incarcerated as recently as 2022 so maybe they can relate better. Or, she prefers men with an edge.

Third Time’s A Charm

Candice had been married twice before and was still technically married when she and Andrew started chatting. Does the Love During Lockup star know that the lady he is splurging his life savings on is still not technically single? That is yet to be seen. His eagerness may be what sets Candice over the edge as this is what ended Andy and Brittney on LAL. He wanted a lot from her and she just wanted a place to rest her head and his money. Time will tell why this duo falls apart and she ends up with someone else.

Why do you think Andrew and Candice break up and will they do it before or after she takes him for a ride monetarily? Let us know and watch Love During Lockup Fridays on WeTV.

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