‘Southern Charm’ Kathryn Dennis Taking Popular Drug?

Kathryn Dennis-Instagram

Is Southern Charm alum Kathryn Dennis taking a popular drug as of now? She has had her struggles with substances in the past. Yet, the mother of two has turned her life around though she still battles with her ex and baby daddy, Thomas Ravenel. Now, fans are wondering if she is still doing okay as her appearance has shifted drastically. Keep reading for more details.

Southern Charm Kathryn Dennis Taking Popular Drug?

Fans watched as Kathryn Dennis made her way through some of the Southern Charm men. She hooked up with Whitney Sudler-Smith who is also the creator and executive producer of the Bravo reality series. Additionally, she had flirted with Craig Conover but that ended when she romanced Thomas Ravenel. The two of them started to see each other and she learned that she was pregnant with their first child. They struggled a lot and it was not ideal even though they did want to make it work somewhat. Then, Kathryn became pregnant again and welcomed their second child.

Kathryn Dennis-Instagram
Kathryn Dennis-Instagram

Along the way, she lost custody due to substance-related issues but Thomas was not always innocent himself. He exited after Season 5 whereas Kathryn remained until the end of Season 8, showing off her new romance. During her eight seasons on Southern Charm, her look evolved as she had gained weight postpartum. Plus, she went from fiery redhead to blonde bombshell. Lately, she has started to look more like the OG Kathryn but something seems off as she appears a tad too slim.


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According to Monsters & Critics, Kathryn Dennis recently watched her son, Saint at his flag football game. She then proceeded to take photos with him on the field and shared them on her social media. Immediately, her followers had to ask questions:

  • Hittin the ozempic?
  • I don’t even recognize her anymore
  • Why are you so skinny. Sorry to take away from a beautiful pic of you and your baby

One person even took a dig at her son and how he needed braces so it shows how cruel and relentless keyboard warriors can be.

Photoshop & Facetune

Though Kathryn Dennis did look quite slim, many did note that she likely photoshopped herself. This was evident by how she was missing part of her eyebrow and one of her legs. So, what may appear to be Ozempic may actually just be an app or two to help with any insecurities that she has. There were many supporters who thought she looked great and wished she was back on the show. Apparently, she did film for Season 9 of Southern Charm as she is still close with some of the cast. Sadly, that was left on the cutting room floor.

What do you think of Kathryn’s slimdown? All natural, medication, or an app? Let us know in the comments below.

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