‘Love During Lockup’ Shonta Caught In Web Of Housing & Eviction Lies

Shonta-Love During Lockup-YouTube

This season of Love During Lockup features Shonta and True with the former setting up a home in Missouri for her man. She wanted to be able to be with her inmate love the moment that he was released from prison with no hiccups in between. Yet, it appears that Shonta has not been completely transparent about her living situation before and during her time on the show. Keep reading all about Shonta’s housing web of lies.

Love During Lockup Shonta Caught In Web Of Housing & Eviction Lies

For Shonta, it was far easier to move to Missouri upon True’s release rather than stay in Kansas where she had been living. She shared her reasoning when she first began her run on Love During Lockup:

“In order for True to be paroled to Kansas, there’s a one-year wait time to be reviewed. We didn’t want to wait a year, so I decided to move to Missouri.”

At the same time, she still had a home in Kansas which she was hoping to sell ASAP. Additionally, Shonta noted that she was currently paying two mortgages.

“Right now, my house in Kansas is up for sale. I’m hoping that it sells soon. I’m stuck paying two mortgages.”

Shonta-Love During Lockup-YouTube
Shonta-Love During Lockup-YouTube

Therefore, it appeared that she had purchased a home in Missouri for herself and True rather than renting. Now, according to Starcasm, Shonta was not completely transparent about what she owned, if she owned anything. The Kansas home she claimed that she was attempting to sell is now up for rental. Yet, it is not owned by Shonta but rather by Kansas LLC. There is no link between the reality star and the LLC. Moreover, it was put up for rent at the beginning and end of 2023.

As for the home she bought for her and her Love During Lockup sweetie in Missouri, that also seems to be fabricated. That house is owned by someone else meaning she likely had two rentals and not two mortgages. However, she might have nothing as she was evicted shortly after filming began for not paying her rent. By April 8th, 2024, it showed she had left the property on her own volition.

Constant Trouble

Shonta has had a history of evictions, several times in the last seven years. So, this is old hat for the Love During Lockup star. Fans who have watched Shonta are very conflicted by her and her money problems. In a Reddit thread, they had this to say:

  • How is shontae paying two mortgages, sending $30k to this man, AND eating like $400 worth of crab legs?!

Was Shonta living beyond her means or did she blow all of her savings on True and was left with nothing? In the end, this does not look very promising but the season is still going on. Time will tell if Shonta’s financial and personal struggles with break the couple or make them stronger.

What do you think of Shonta’s scheming lies or are you not surprised one little bit? Let us know in the comments below and watch Love During Lockup Fridays on WeTV.

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