‘Love During Lockup’ Rick & Samantha Still Together?

Rick, Samantha-Love During Lockup-YouTube

Are Love During Lockup couple Rick and Samantha still together? The high school sweetheart reconnected when Samantha was locked up. Now, the big question is if they made it all the way or failed to go the distance. Keep reading for more details on their current status.

Love During Lockup Rick & Samantha Still Together?

Rick and Samantha dated while they were in high school but lost touch over the years. He ended up getting married but, after that ended, Rick felt compelled to find Samantha. That was when he learned that she was in prison for a felony DUI after seeing her on a prison pen pal website. Somehow, that did not lure him away but rather kept him interested. His family tried to sway him from pursuing anything with Samantha but, as seen on Love During Lockup, he kept going. Rick was so smitten that he proposed to Samantha, knowing she would be his wife.

Samantha-Love During Lockup-YouTube
Samantha-Love During Lockup-YouTube

They did end up tying the knot while Samantha was able to leave the East Boise Reentry Center. Then, she had to go back but was now a married woman. So, what happened after they parted ways? Were they able to stay committed to one another or did they face the fate of Branwin and Chazz? They got married but she would not touch him and then she wanted nothing to do with him no matter how hard he tried. According to Starcasm, Rick was nervous after he tied the knot. Those cold feet and suspicions maybe should have happened prior to getting married.

Rick has since filed for divorce from his Love During Lockup wife. This happened in February 2024 so they may end up on Love After Lockup which will show the demise of their marriage. On May 15th, Samantha filed a response. On July 22nd, a resolution management conference is scheduled. This will not be the first divorce for either party but Rick’s family warned him about jumping in. Still, he did not seem to care and wanted to cater to Samantha.

Previous Loves

Prior to marrying Samantha, Rick had been divorced twice before. The first time was in 1995 and the second was in 2009. As for Samantha, she is apparently harder to find as she has used five different last names in her past. However, it appears she has been divorced twice, as well, once in 2009 and the second in 2011. The Love During Lockup star is still behind bars as of now. No word if she will be out in time for the July resolution management conference.

Are you surprised that this marriage was a failure or did you predict it all along? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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