‘Love After Lockup’ Chazz Harbison Mourns Heartbreaking Loss

Love After Lockup: Chazz Harbison

Love After Lockup cast member Chazz Harbison recently shared devastating news with his followers online. So, what has him going through it the way he is?

Love After Lockup: Chazz Harbison Went Through It With Branwin Jones

Love After Lockup viewers first met Chazz Harbison in Season 4 of the WEtv show with Branwin Jones. The way many viewers saw it at the time, this was one of those relationships that had red flags right from the starting line.

As Love After Lockup relationships are known to do, this relationship went bad in so many ways, and fans were there to watch it all unfold with popcorn in hand. There is added risk when you fall in love with an inmate, especially over the fact that they often fall back into destructive patterns and more once they are back on the outside.

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Chazz Went Through A Messy Divorce With Branwin

Prior to meeting, proposing to, and marrying Branwin Jones, Chazz Harbison had been married four times. His marriage to Branwin was his fifth. As Love After Lockup fans saw, the fifth time was not the charm for Chazz at all.

Things were always rocky between these two, as the red flags were present from the beginning. Someone sent a link to Chazz advertising Branwin’s work of the adult variety. He was already dealing with a lot of insecurity when it came to her, and this didn’t help.

There was also the fact that these two were living in different states. So, it was a shocker to no one when this Love After Lockup couple decided to call it quits, which left Chazz with yet another unsuccessful marriage under his belt.


Love After Lockup: Chazz Harbison Mourns Devastating Loss

Recently, Chazz Harbison shared a devastating loss with his social media followers that hits even closer to home. Chazz is mourning the loss of his mother, and he recently took to social media to share the news. Along with a photo of them together, Chazz wrote a heartfelt caption.

Chazz Harbison said: “My mother, Katherine passed away this morning. I did not deserve such a great person for a mother.”

Losing a loved one is hard under any circumstances, especially losing a parent. Chazz seems to be doing as well as he can as he adjusts to this fresh reality without his mother. So, there will be difficult days ahead as he copes with the loss.

In the meantime, Love After Lockup fans are reaching out with kind words and condolences during this difficult time for Chazz.

Love After Lockup: Chazz Harbison
Love After Lockup: Chazz Harbison/Instagram
  • One commenter wrote: “Oh my goodness Chazz I am so sorry! I’m here if you need someone to talk to.”
  • Another commenter said: “I’m so sorry for your loss.”

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