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‘Love After Lockup’ Shocking Twist In Chazz & Branwin Divorce

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Love After Lockup introduced viewers to Chazz Harbison and Branwin Jones. They seemed so much in love- until they weren’t. Their seemingly perfect romance turned into a nightmare for Chazz. He learned things about his wife that he never anticipated and it led him down a vicious spiral. It was as if he was not himself anymore. Though he handed her divorce papers in the Life After Lockup season finale, things are not going as smoothly as he may have hoped. Read on for more details.

A Shocking Love After Lockup Divorce Twist

During Chazz and Branwin’s season of Life After Lockup, he started to really feel her pull away. That was when he became somewhat suspicious and received a message. It led him to a website for escorts where he found his wife. Keep in mind, the duo had really gotten to know each other while she was locked up. Upon her release, they immediately ran off and got married in sweatpants despite living in two different states. She was paroled in Oregon while he lived in Kentucky.

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Once she became even shadier, he finally pulled the trigger and filed for divorce, realizing she was never going to change. Now, Chazz has posted a picture of himself to Facebook. He is wearing sunglasses and is visibly scruffy, giving the finger. Above it, it says: “Dear Branwin Jones….” His followers were quick to respond, feeling that this was a cry for attention. Plus, if a judge really wanted to grant him a divorce, they would. He responded that he has to wait even longer to be granted a divorce.

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Furthermore, Chazz revealed that he has to pay more money for the whole process to go through. Some felt absolutely no sympathy for what he was going through, “Sorry dude but you were totally dumb for marrying her on the first day she got out. You basically dug ur own grave 😂. Pick yourself back up, life goes on. Wish u the best.” Yet some felt that he deserved way better than the deck he was dealt.

It Just Gets Worse

According to Chazz, he also struggles to serve his Love After Lockup counterpart. Mainly because Branwin lives out of state as he explained to his followers. Per Harbison: “in my county since she lives out of state, she has to be served by a sheriff (no known address), or she can sign the court documents and have them notarized (she continually makes excuses why she didn’t sign them) and now I am on to a warning order. This is where a warning attorney takes my money and attempts to locate her to prove that I can’t locate her and she has abandoned the marriage.”


So, what started out as something very promising has now turned into a complete disaster. This was Chazz’s fifth marriage and hopefully his last. Branwin seemed like she just wanted a good man to take care of her after she was released. She even made him a wooden box in one of her classes that was so sweet. However, she struggled with being intimate with him after they were married. Then, the problems just piled on, her looks changed, and she was hanging out with bad exes. Looks like he got out in time but he is still stuck.

What do you think of this Love After Lockup divorce hold-up? Let us know and watch the spinoff Love During Lockup Fridays on WeTV. 


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