‘Love After Lockup’: Branwin & Chazz Over, Is She Back Escorting?


Love After Lockup spawned quite a few couples this past season. One of them was the extremely awkward Chazz and Branwin Harbison. Their love seemed so strong that they were headed to the spinoff Life After Lockup. Unfortunately, it seems it is over no sooner than it began.

Branwin And Chazz Find Love After Lockup

This was just an odd match from the start. Branwin was behind bars for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Luckily, she met Chazz online and he was ready to take a chance on her. After all, he had been married four times before so why not try his luck with an inmate. He ended up proposing, and the moment she was released, they ran off to a park and were married. However, they lived in two different states so she had to stay where she was for a handful of months. That was going to be difficult for a starter relationship. He also spent a lot of money on her prior to his arrival. Chazz, who is a businessman by day and rocker by night, purchased expensive clothes, shoes, a phone, and a 4K engagement ring.


When it came to where she would be living, it was with a friend’s baby daddy who did not allow men to stay over. Therefore, they never could consummate their marriage. Chazz had gotten a hotel but Branwin was never sober when she was intimate so she panicked and needed to go home. She has a nineteen-year-old daughter, Arienne who is currently working as a dancer but Branwin is nervous to leave her. They have lost so much time together that she does not want to miss out. Now, Branwin must decide if she will end up going to live with Chazz in Tennessee or stay put in Oregon.

Back To Her Old Habits

Though it must have seemed promising enough to end up on the spinoff, now it looks like it is over for the duo. According to Starcasm, Chazz may be filing for an annulment from his bride. First off, if he is seeking an annulment and not a divorce, that would imply they still have not been intimate. Either that or there are grounds for fraud/misrepresentation. Apparently, the reason for the split is Branwin has gone back to escorting. According To Amber had the alleged video with the reality star going under the pseudonym of Bailee Bane. To ensure it was Branwin, the good people at ATA did a reverse phone search and there was the proof needed.


Chazz knew for around a month and did end up going to Oregon to serve her with the papers. He explained the reason behind the annulment is her lies. Chazz believes that she had given up escort work but that has proven to be false. In the end, he may just have to settle for a good old-fashioned divorce but time will tell what he can prove. Are you shocked to learn that it is over for the couple? Let us know and watch them when Life After Lockup premieres in July on WeTV.

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