‘Love After Lockup’ Chazz Harbison Suffers Devastating Loss

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Love After Lockup star Chazz Harbison has had a rough go. It just seems to be getting worse for him as he shared a devastating loss. After all that he went through with his fifth wife, Branwin, one would hope he’d get a reprieve. Sadly, it was not that easy. Read on for more details about a tragic end.

Chazz Harbison Suffers Devastating Loss

Though he does not share much on his Instagram, there are a few pertinent moments Chazz finds relevant. His latest posting was a heartbreaking one for the musician. He shared that his beloved cat of eighteen years had crossed the rainbow bridge. Along with photos of his beloved pal, Chazz wrote: “It’s been a day, I had to put Cowboy down. It’s hard believe he made it almost 18 years.”

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His followers were quick to send their condolences over the loss especially because animals can be more like family. “So very sorry for your loss. So hard to say goodbye to our fur babies,” one commented. Another added: “I’m sorry for your loss, Chazz. Losing a pet is never easy, they’re family. ❤️” That was followed up with: “I’m so sorry for your loss. Pets are family for sure ❤️ wishing you comfort in the days ahead.”



It is never easy to lose an animal but this could not have come at a worse time for Chazz. In the latest season of Life After Lockup, he carried over his marriage to Branwin from Love After Lockup. Her personality shifted by leaps and bounds from the day she was released from prison to their first romantic night together. It was anybody’s guess if they could stay together.

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Love Lost

Chazz Harbison was brokenhearted when he put all of his efforts into his marriage to Branwin. Unfortunately, the longer she was out of jail, the worse she became. She became more distant and it did not help that they lived in two different states. Branwin was paroled in Oregon so Chazz did his best to travel to visit her but she never showed that she was slightly attracted to him. Then, her physical appearance began to change and Chazz learned she was back on an escort site.


She claimed she was done with that but she was also talking to her dangerous exes again. This was something Chazz was completely in the dark about. He started smoking again and was not himself. Finally, he served her with divorce papers when he knew she was not being honest and just did not care about him. She may not have even cared about herself. Now, he will have been divorced five times and Cowboy probably helped him a lot.

Our hearts and sympathies go out to Chazz as this is never an easy situation. Hopefully, he is finding peace in knowing he had Cowboy for eighteen years and his spirit will forever live on. For now, keep up with the franchise’s latest guilty pleasure, Love During Lockup Fridays on WeTV.


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