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‘Life After Lockup’: Did Branwin Finally Seal The Deal With Chazz?

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Life After Lockup has some messy couples this season. In fact, there are fans who feel that there are too many couples to follow. One duo that has caused quite a stir is Chazz and Branwin. They had not even met before they got married under a bridge. Among other issues was the fact they struggled with intimacy. Now Chazz is visiting his wife in Oregon and, though he is not expecting much, will he finally seal the deal? Read on for more details.

Will Branwin & Chazz Finally Consummate Their Marriage On Life After Lockup?

Now that Chazz is in Oregon for his birthday, he wants to make it the most special time. He got a cabin for him and Branwin but they faced some struggles. She was granted permission to stay overnight with him but his flight was on a neverending delay. By the time he did arrive, Branwin and her girls dressed him up and took him to the strip club. He had a great time but then it was time to drop her off. Now, in a sneak peek for tonight’s episode, the couple is all alone.

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Chazz, Branwin

The two are eating on the couch and trying to figure out their future. Initially, she was going to move to Kentucky once she was able to leave Oregon. However, she has started to have second thoughts as she does not really want to leave her friends or her daughter, Arienne. She feels as if she has to choose between an amazing man and her home. Chazz tells her not to think about it and that they should just cuddle while watching television. Of course, the subject quickly changes to intimacy.

A Taboo Subject

While they are snuggling, Chazz tells Branwin he cannot stop thinking about their night at the strip club. It has gotten him all hot and bothered. She is shocked that he would turn the conversation from a life-changing decision to sleeping together. Branwin proceeds to tell him that he “shifts gears fast” to which he asks her if she is okay. She says no and begins to have a panic attack. Some may recall that she had a panic attack the first time they were about to sleep together on Love After Lockup. 

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At this point, Chazz seems to not know what to think. He knows that his wife had a past as a stripper but can not show any real love towards him. Furthermore, he has no idea where their relationship is headed and if she will even move to be with him. The rest of their night together will be revealed tonight. Do you think Branwin will seal the deal with Chazz or will he go home sad? Let us know in the comments and watch Life After Lockup Fridays on WeTV.




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