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‘Love After Lockup’ Are Branwin & Chazz Still Together?

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The new season of Love After Lockup premiered on March 4th. Yet there has already been one wedding. Chazz Harris and Branwin Harbison tied the knot in the last episode and fans are hoping she is a good one. This is Chazz’s fifth marriage plus he seems to be extremely genuine. There are a lot of red flags that have started to pop up in regards to Branwin. Have the couple made it beyond the cameras?

Chazz And Branwin Find Love After Lockup– Maybe?

Branwin seemed too good to be true until Chazz actually met her in person. The two started communicating online while Branwin was locked up and then they fell in love. It seemed she just needed and wanted a good guy. That’s where Chazz came in. He was a bit of a nerd yet he also was in a heavy rock band. Therefore, he’s the perfect mix of good and bad boy that she desperately needed upon her release. Of course, there was one catch- her ex-boyfriend, Aaron was still in the picture. She admitted she kept him around but also claimed he was the reason she went to prison.

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He was supposed to help her get to treatment but instead, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time with his drugs. Upon her release, she says she wants to say goodbye to her ex and immediately marry Chazz. She believes the marriage will give him a sense of security. He has bought her a 4K+ ring, Uggs, a watch, and an iPhone to start her life. She will be paroled to a different state than he lives in and will live with her friend’s baby daddy. Nothing adds up at all yet Chazz is allowing it. Additionally, she found a reason to not consummate their marriage. Can this marriage last, especially since it’s his fifth?

Where Do They Stand?

It appears Chazz and Branwin have managed to make their marriage last. Although they have had some distance between them, they remain quite happy and committed. Branwin shared a post on Facebook explaining that she is extremely forthright about who she is and what she has done. Yes, she was in prison for eleven years. She also explains that when Chazz first approached her, she openly asked him why he would want to be with someone like her. It seems she felt she had too much baggage but he was persistent and did not care. Furthermore, she wants it noted she pays her way when he comes to visit her. She has worked since the week after she was released and always takes care of the people she loves.

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The two have a joint Instagram account. He posts single and couple photos there where he shares how happy he is with her. Though he claims it has been hard to get a lot of pictures because of the distance, he has never been happier. He has also met her daughter. They seem very much in love and very much together at this moment. As for what is to come, only time will tell.

Do you think Branwin really loves Chazz? Let us know and keep watching Love After Lockup Fridays on WEtv.

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