‘Mama June: Family Crisis’ RETURNS With Dramatic Preview

Mama June-YouTube

Mama June: Family Crisis had its midseason finale in April but will return in June and the preview is beyond dramatic. So much still has to be shown when it comes to Anna Cardwell’s illness and how the family processes everything. Plus, June’s thieving ways. So, what is to come when the show returns next month? Keep reading for all of the details.

Mama June: Family Crisis RETURNS With Dramatic Preview

When Mama June: Family Crisis ended, things were beyond bad all around. Anna Cardwell had stage 4 adrenal carcinoma but did not want to deal with any planning when it came to her daughters. She did, however, get married to her longtime boyfriend, Eldridge Toney. Additionally, Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson opted to head to Colorado for college. Sadly, she learned her scholarship would not cover a full year so she turned to her mother who would not help. She then learned that June had used most of her money during her addiction and to treat the family to trips and a lavish home.

Mama June-YouTube
Mama June-YouTube

Now, the preview for the second part of the season is here and there is so much to come. First off, Jessica Shannon and her girlfriend, Shyann McCant share that they are thinking about having a baby. Then, Alana’s boyfriend, Dralin has another court date which was a big fear prior. They did not know if it would hinder him from coming to Colorado. At the same time, Anna is in a lot of pain while Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Efird is starting to wish she had gone for her dreams.

Mama June and Justin Stroud, who just renewed their vows in February 2023, are suddenly doing it again. She shares that her life is a rollercoaster. Now, not much of Anna was shown though June had said this would be a tear-jerker. She also said that fans would get to see Anna’s wishes play out on camera but it has seemed that she wants nothing to do with her mortality. So, what are fans’ reactions to seeing the preview for the second part of the Family Crisis season?

Are Fans Ready?

After seeing the clip for Mama June: Family Crisis, fans immediately chimed in with their thoughts:

  • I despise this lady and the fact that she keeps getting rewarded for inflicting emotional harm on her children.
  • Jessica as a mom would be awesome. Shyann as well-from what we’ve seen on the show, they are great with kids.
  • Also, if Justin’s stays with her, then he’s made his bed!
  • It’s going to be so hard to see Anna lose her battle with cancer.

Many fans were hopeful that June would exit the series but they also wanted a definitive date not just “June.” Nonetheless, the excitement for the new season is very real.

Are you looking forward to seeing what is next for the family? More so, what are you most interested in watching transpire? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Alana is the story, and the reason they have anything. June would have nothing if not for Alana. I hope she gets resolution with the money situation soon. I would love to see her fade into would love to see her finish school and have a normal life without the camera always being there. The family would be nothing without her. I would love to see June’s cookie crumble.

  2. I feel so bad for the entire family for lfosing a child/sister/ aunt/friend is very difficult nevermind having it all played out on TV.
    I don’t understand why June wont help Alana with college, doesn’t she want better for her kids than she had?
    She’s a piece of work, & not in a good way!

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