‘Love After Lockup’ Chelsea Gilliam Gives Mike Harmon Arrest Update

Chelsea Gilliam-YouTube

Former Love After Lockup star Chelsea Gilliam is giving a Mike Harmon arrest update. He was taken into custody on Sunday, June 9th, 2024 for domestic violence against Chelsea. So, what are the details as of now? Keep reading for a status update on the couple and where Mike currently stands.

Love After Lockup Chelsea Gilliam Gives Mike Harmon Arrest Update

Fans were really hopeful that it would work out between Mike Harmon and Chelsea Gilliam. He was behind bars when they met but he did not mind that Chelsea was hearing impaired. More so, Mike was inspired to learn sign language so he could communicate with Chelsea better. Plus, Mike was losing his hearing so he could somewhat relate to what she was going through. The only issue was that she had trust issues from past relationships so she was not ready to rush into bed with Mike. They did end up together despite some minor issues.

Mike Harmon-YouTube
Mike Harmon-YouTube

Unfortunately, things have since gone sour for the Love After Lockup couple. Mike was arrested for domestic violence against Chelsea on Sunday, June 9th in Ohio. At the time, no details were released other than Chelsea was single, there had been witnesses to the event, and she was struggling. Now, more has come out, according to Starcasm. Mike had been released after being charged with misdemeanor domestic violence. Chelsea did go on Facebook Live to give her own update and alleges that he put his hands around her neck.

This occurred after they got into an argument and the criminal complaint reads this:

“On or about June 9, 2024 Michael Vincent Harmon did knowingly cause physical harm to a household member, his girlfriend, CG. Michael knowingly placed his hands around CG’s neck during an argument between the couple, causing redness and irritation. Michael then proceeded to roughly`grab and pull on a necklace on CG’s neck, before breaking the necklace off.”

There is now a temporary protective order against Mike Harmon and he will appear in court on June 24th. Chelsea Gilliam did let her Love After Lockup followers know that she is doing “OK” after what happened. She also noted things were “Getting settled down and back in control.” Mike has gotten his stuff out but more than that, Chelsea is grateful.

Expressing Gratitude

Chelsea Gilliam took the time to express gratitude to her followers for being there during this difficult time. She wanted them to know how much she appreciated their kind words and that she would be getting back to them:

“Thank you to all who commented and messaged me. Over hundred messages from my fans. I will reply at few of you at a time.”

She also shared that she loves her fans, her “small circle of fans,” and her father. The Love After Lockup star also has children who she takes care of, as well so this must have been hard for all of them. Hopefully, everything gets resolved sooner rather than later.

Are you shocked that all of this went down with Mike Harmon and Chelsea Gilliam? Did you think that they would last forever or would be over a lot faster? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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