‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Fans Impressed With Jasmine’s Bed Skills

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Seeking Sister Wife revealed that Jasmine joined the family of Nick Davis, and now TLC fans seem impressed with her bed skills. Actually, viewers suspect that Nick probably has an amazing libido with his orgy lifestyle.

Jasmine & The Davis Family Seem Fake

Seeking Sister Wife fans are convinced that Nick Davis and his wives are pulling a fake job. In the current situation, Nick, April, Danielle, and Jennifer found Jasmine on a dating App, and everyone is checking her out to see if she’s a good fit. She seems keen on their polygamous lifestyle, and they all sleep in one big bed. However, they didn’t meet Jasmine recently, so fans think their story is probably faked a lot.

Jasmine - Seeking Sister Wife - TLC - Twitter
Jasmine – Seeking Sister Wife – TLC – Twitter

TLC fans were shocked to discover that Jasmine had been with Nick Davis’ family for years. An old Facebook post revealed that April, Jennifer, and Nick were all with Jasmine in February 2021. Whether they also shared a bed over the years isn’t known. However, it’s possible, given the now-probable fake storyline. Perhaps it even explains Jasmine’s casual bed skills.

Jasmine Navigates Nick Davis’ Bed With Skill

Communal sleeping is all very well, but getting in and out for a bathroom visit isn’t easy. Some TLC fans suspect that it is not the first time that newbie Jasmine has done that. So, on Reddit, they started a discussion about the Seeking Sister Wife star’s bed skills.

Nick Davis in bed with four women - Seeking Sister Wife - TLC - X
Nick Davis in bed with four women – Seeking Sister Wife – TLC – X

Talking about the newest woman in the giant bed belonging to Nick Davis, the OP said:

Jasmine getting out of bed…Anyone else impressed how Jasmine got out of the group bed in the morning? So considerate…almost like it was second nature?

In the discussion, other TLC fans agreed that it all seemed a bit scripted and that Jasmine probably did it before. Here are some of their thoughts:

  • So dramatic for what 😂 yeah I guess she was smooth with it but she could have just climbed over the covers 🤣 there’s no way I’m sticking my head in their Dutch oven.
  • Late night creeping skills to the Boom Boom Room!
  • When they were explaining this my brain was like “these people are a lot.”
  • Well, If I had to sleep with Nick and the gang. I’d be having my morning Moscow mule foaming frappachino latte too.
  • At this point, I’m just treating this and all other “Reality TV” as fiction/soap opera type entertainment. This shit is so staged. That said, I’m super bummed the season is over haha.
  • …she’s done it before? Yes.

What are your thoughts about Jasmine navigating the big bed that Nick Davis provides for his wives? Do you agree that it looked creepy, and as if she’d done it many times before? Sound off in the comments below and come back here for all your Seeking Sister Wife news.

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