‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Fans Call Out Merrifield Divorce As ‘Staged’

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Seeking Sister Wife fans are calling out Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield’s divorce as “staged” but why? They were seen getting a divorce at the courthouse and having emotions after it was said and done. So, what makes them think it was not legit? Keep reading for more details on their theories.

Seeking Sister Wife Fans Call Out Merrifield Divorce As ‘Staged’

In their first season of Seeking Sister Wife, Season 3, Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield chose to get a divorce. Though they had been struggling in their marriage, that was not why they ended it. They did so Garrick could marry their potential sister wife, Roberta who was attempting to come to America from Brazil. This was a huge sacrifice on Dannielle’s part but they believed this was worth it for their family. At the time, it had been questioned if what they did was legal. They may have cited irreconcilable differences but that was a lie, therefore they perjured themselves.

Garrick and Dannielle of Seeking Sister Wife
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Now, they are back for Season 5, ready to take on a different sister wife as Roberta left them. Fans have started a Reddit thread as they do not necessarily feel the divorce actually happened. It is believed that it was staged by production:

  • Garrick and Danielle did not divorce. That was not a real court of law. It was all staged in a studio and Danielle‘s family was in on it. After that, TLC applied for a work visa for Roberta as an actress and she was supposed to come to the US and remain on that work visa as long as she lives with Ick and Danielle as their sister wife

They added that if the couple went through with the divorce but proceeded to bring on another wife would raise “red flags.” It was also noted that they may have committed “immigration related marriage fraud.” So, what did fellow Seeking Sister Wife fans have to say to this accusation that the divorce never happened? They did not believe this for one second and clapped back at these accusations.

Defending Garrick & Dannielle?

Fellow Redditors actually defended the divorce between the Seeking Sister Wife stars. They stated that it was a legal divorce and all the OP had to do was search the records:

  • Dude, go look up the divorce records they are available. Stop making sh** up. And no, I’m not doing the work for you. It’s not difficult to prove to yourself that you’re wrong. 🙄
  • The divorce was finalized on February 20th, 2020. They did divorce.
  • Yeah I think it’s a little odd that OP made up all of that in their head when there are actual, verifiable records to check. And then presented it all as obvious fact.

Followers also added that if TLC was worried about looking bad in the public eye, that ship had sailed. So, it appears the couple is divorced and Garrick is free to marry whomever he chooses. Did you ever think it was a “staged” divorce? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.

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