Did The Merrifields Use Instagram To Prey On Women?

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Did Seeking Sister Wife stars, Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield use Instagram to prey on women? It appears that, along with dating apps, they frequented the social media forum. Now, women are coming forward to discuss their experiences with the couple. Keep reading for more details on what happened.

Did The Merrifields Use Instagram To Prey On Women?

Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield have said they went online and that was how they met their first potential sister wife, Roberta. Allegedly, they met her on a dating site and flew her to Mexico from Brazil for the first time so they could get to know each other. Unfortunately, after over two years, that ended in disaster. Now, they are back for Season 5 with Nathalia, also from Brazil. When she is introducing herself, she explains that she commented on one of Garrick’s stories and he messaged her back.

Garrick Merrifield, Dannielle Merrifield-Instagram
Garrick Merrifield, Dannielle Merrifield-Instagram

Things progressed from there and they headed back to Mexico to get to know her along with her mother. While they are in Mexico, Dannielle realized that Garrick is still on dating apps. He claimed he has not been interacting with anyone but she thinks that is a lie and Nathalia seems very confused. Now, a Reddit thread has been started to discuss how it is not just apps and sites that both Merrifields use. They prey on women via Instagram:

  • No dating app needed, he didn’t use it he simply messaged different women who followed them on Insta. Dannielle was doing the same, asking them if they wanted to be connect and get to know them. I’m surprised no one has mentioned this so far?

As aforementioned, Nathalia shared that this was how she met Garrick. So, who else came forward with the same experience?

  • This happened to me!!! But like a couple years ago. I’ll see if I can find the screenshot, I had posted it in this group. I followed Ick on insta for sh**s and giggles, and Danielle messaged me and asked if I’d be interested.
  •  Who meets a spouse on IG?

That’s How They Met Nathalia?

It seemed to slip past some viewers who had no idea that Garrick Merrifield met Nathalia via Instagram. One Redditor wrote this:

      • That’s how they found Natalia too, she viewed his stories and he DMd her 😶‍🌫️

To that, another replied with such shock:

      • Oh I didn’t know that. I thought she was on the dating app.

Dannielle also was involved in the recruitment of women, as one Reddit thread shared. One woman named Anne shared a message she received via Instagram from Dannielle seeing if she was single. More so, she wanted to know if she would be interested in a plural lifestyle.

Dannielle the victim makes a play
byu/Express_Sugar_1666 inseekingsisterwifetlc

So, either the couple was really desperate for another wife or they did not want to lose the income from the show. Either way, what do you think of them using social media to find women, literally any woman who crossed their paths? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.

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