Dannielle Merrifield’s True Devious Plans For Sister Wives?

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Does Seeking Sister Wife star Dannielle Merrifield have a true devious plan for the potential sister wives? She tries to act like these women will be her sisters and partners but is that really the case? Keep reading for more details on the situation.

Dannielle Merrifield’s True Devious Plans For Sister Wives?

This was not the life that Dannielle Merrifield wanted to lead. Her husband, Garrick Merrifield claimed he heard a calling from God to have more than one wife. Eventually, Dannielle agreed and they found Roberta from Brazil. Though Dannielle said she felt connected to her, she was also jealous when she saw her husband with another woman. She and Garrick also divorced so that he and Roberta could wed to make it easier for her to come to America. During this time, they started courting an additional sister wife, Lea, which made Roberta immensely jealous.

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Lea parted ways with them and soon, so did Roberta. This season, they have Nathalia, also from Brazil but it seems they will still be looking for someone else at the same time. A Reddit thread was started to discuss Dannielle’s manipulating ways. The OP watched a special on the Merrifields. In their opinion, Dannielle is very cunning:

  • I think she is alot more cunning, calculated, and just plain smarter than what she seems. I dont think she has ANY intention on ever bringing a sister wife into her and Ick’s marriage

The belief is that a new sister wife will come in when they are already happy with the one they are courting. That will ruin the dynamic, keeping it just the two of them. Yet, in the meantime, she will let Garrick believe he is getting what he wants. Did anyone else agree?

  • You may be right-I think the upcoming episode has them searching for the next wife. I don’t think this new wife/ sister is going to be happy about it.
  • Watching her micro mannerisms I don’t think she has any intention of giving up her marriage or ever sharing him either.

Maybe Not So Smart

Other Seeking Sister Wife fans noted how Dannielle Merrifield cannot be that smart. She divorced Garrick Merrifield and let him do whatever he wanted.

  • So she controls him by getting divorced and letting him have seggs with other women? Yea…she so smart
  • She is smarter than she appears, but still not smart enough to realize she deserves so much more

So, fans are torn about Dannielle. Some believe that she has the right idea by giving Garrick what he wants and then destroying it. Making her see that she is the only one for him in the long run after he has had his playtime. By the same token, she should value herself so much more than she does so that is sad.

What do you think of Dannielle? Is she secretly a woman with a devious plan? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.

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