‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Why Fans Call Garrick Merrifield ‘Ick’

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Why has Garrick Merrifield been branded “Ick” by Seeking Sister Wife fans? They have watched him and his wife, Dannielle Merrifield pursue three women. Yet, they have yet to find something solid and concrete. Does this mean he is worthy of this moniker? Keep reading for more details.

Seeking Sister Wife Why Fans Call Garrick Merrifield ‘Ick’

When Seeking Sister Wife began, Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield were open about their marriage. They had struggled prior but then Garrick had a calling from God. He was told he needed to explore polygamy but this did not sit well with Dannielle. Eventually, she gave in and they found Roberta from Brazil online. After two years of traveling and planning, a lot of money, and time spent, Roberta decided it was not for her.

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They did try and fail to pursue another woman, Lea during their second Seeking Sister Wife season. Garrick and Dannielle rebounded and found Nathalia, also from Brazil. Yet, that does not look promising in the long run. During their time on the TLC reality series, fans have branded Garrick “Ick” but why have they done so?

Garrick Merrifield, Dannielle Merrifield-YouTube
Garrick Merrifield, Dannielle Merrifield-YouTube

He just wants to find a second wife and is on the hunt for what God told him to do. A recent Reddit thread was started to discuss his unsavory ways with the OP writing this:

  • Garrick wants 5 wives, and is pushing 50. So far all of the wives he has tried to court have been significantly younger. He can’t even find a second wife. 

They questioned if this was how he would live his life as he grew older. So, what did followers have to say?

  • He is just a walking ICK!! Poor Danielle is so brainwashed into believing he’s the holy one she goes along with all his fantasies
  • Garrick doesn’t bring much of anything to the table.
  • They’re half his age and barely speak English, IMO what he’s doing is predatory.
  • I think once they realize that he is just a creepy pervert wannabe cult leader they move along.

Fact Check Time

Seeking Sister Wife fans are repeatedly repulsed by Garrick Merrifield hence his nickname of “Ick.” However, there was one thing the OP said that was constantly disputed by fellow Redditors. They claimed he was pushing 50 which made him seem even creepier than he already was and is. That is actually not true as he is only 40, born in 1983. Regardless of how viewers felt about Garrick, they did correct that narrative:

  • Garrick is 40, not “pushing 50”. lol. But yeah he’s a creep.
  • Not disagreeing, but isn’t he only 40 now?
  • He was born in ‘83
  • He claimed to be 40

In the end, it is very clear that he just makes people feel icky watching him and his actions. They have noticed he likes young women, typically Brazilian who he can control. So, time will tell what happens when Nathalia is gone and he has to find someone else.

Do you find Garrick’s nickname perfect for him or do you have something else in mind? Let us know in the comments and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.

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  1. Ugh, Garrick is disgusting! He is constantly pretending God is leading him on his path. How CONVENIENT that God would want him to have sex with another woman. That is always his Answer. Ick his the PERFECT name for Him!

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