‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Have The Davis’ Been With Jasmine For Years?

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Has the Davis family from Seeking Sister Wife fame been with their latest potential, Jasmine for years? She was introduced as a new woman in Season 5 after Danielle was nervous to start dating again. Yet, is this all a sham and Jasmine has been around much longer? Keep reading for more details.

Seeking Sister Wife Have The Davis’ Been With Jasmine For Years?

At the end of Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife, Danielle married into the Davis family which consisted of Nick, April, and Jennifer. By that time, Jennifer was pregnant with her first child and the family’s second. So, when Season 5 began, all Danielle wanted was to adapt to being a new mom and wife. However, her wives and husband were ready to jump back into the dating pond and look for a fourth wife. This did not sit well with her because she felt it was too soon so she left. When she came back, April reassured her she meant more than a new wife.

April Davis, Danielle Davis, Nick Davis, Jennifer Davis-Instagram
April Davis, Danielle Davis, Nick Davis, Jennifer Davis-Instagram

Yet, in the blink of an eye, they were courting again with Danielle claiming that she was fine with this. The ladies started seeing Jasmine and she got along well with Nick, eventually bonding with all four of them. Though she appeared somewhat trepidatious, it appears Jasmine has been around the family for some time. A Reddit thread was started and the OP found a photo of April, Jennifer, and Nick posing with Jasmine in February 2021.

April Davis, Nick Davis, Jennifer Davis, Jasmine-Facebook/Reddit
April Davis, Nick Davis, Jennifer Davis, Jasmine-Facebook/Reddit

This is very suspicious as Jasmine seemed like a new friend and now it appears that maybe she was there all along. Or, the Seeking Sister Wife family pulled her in to keep their storyline going. What did show fans have to say?

  • Now we see why Danielle was so reluctant with things. They are rekindling an old flame!
  • We’ve been defrauded! 😨
  • I’m feeling quite swindled right now 🫠 We’ve been had
  • OH MY GOD THE FRAUDACITY. No wonder jasmine talks like nick she’s known him for so long

Keep The Cash Coming

Clearly, from those responses, Seeking Sister Wife fans felt lied to by the Davis family. More so, some noticed Jasmine was too comfortable with the ladies and Nick as if she had been there before. Then, one picked up on her hearing that they had upgraded their bed. So, that means she must have seen their old bed. At the same time, one Redditor had this to say and it is very on point:

  • So: Is the real story? They wanted to get on this show and all get the TLC paychecks so they “found” wife #3 and kept that story going, all the while keeping “Jasmine” on ice. Promising her that she too would get the TLC money as well. Or.. Did Jasmine leave them, and after seeing them on TV and realizing she could have been making that 💸 called them wanting in. Whatever, however it is sooo shady.

There are a lot of fan theories but the bottom line is they acted like they found her on an app, which may have been true. However, they did not find Jasmine when they were with Danielle. She is a long-established part of their situation and that may hurt them in the long run.

How do you feel about Jasmine now that you know she has been with the Davis’ since 2021? Does it make you think less of her, them, or are you indifferent? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.

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  1. This show is disgusting with this group of fools as the worse. There is another couple that is so gross – I don’t think she has washed her hair in months 🤢

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