‘Seeking Sister Wife’ April Davis Confirms Storyline Is Staged?

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Did Seeking Sister Wife star April Davis just confirm that her family’s whole storyline is staged? Fans of reality shows are always wondering how much is real and how much is produced. Yet, it seems that the Davis family has a few inconsistencies emerging, making viewers think twice. Keep reading to see what April has to say about the show and filming.

Seeking Sister Wife April Davis Confirms Storyline Is Staged?

The Davis family on Seeking Sister Wife has long confused fans with Nick Davis being the one to stay at home. Yet, his initial two wives were the ones who worked and cooked, essentially they took care of everything. More so, April and Jennifer Davis were legally married to each other but took Nick’s last name as a way of unifying themselves as a whole. They then brought in Danielle in Season 4 who had never been in polygamy but she fit well. Therefore, she married them at the end of the season with Jennifer also expecting the family’s second child.

April Davis, Nick Davis, Danielle Davis, Jennifer Davis-Instagram
April Davis, Nick Davis, Danielle Davis, Jennifer Davis-Instagram

Cut to Season 5, Danielle is adapting to being a wife and a mother but the Davis’ are already on board to court again. Danielle is not so she leaves and then comes back with the promise she means more than anyone else. Soon thereafter, she agrees to start searching and they find Jasmine who fits in perfectly. Of course, she does as she has been with the family since 2021. Photos of her with the family have been found on April’s Facebook and shared on Reddit.

The Davis Family With Jasmine and Danielle from 2021-Facebook/Reddit
The Davis Family With Jasmine and Danielle from 2021-Facebook/Reddit

In June 2021, both Jasmine and Danielle were hanging out with the Davis family, and Seeking Sister Wife fans had questions. April responded and it was shared on Reddit:

April Davis-Reddit
April Davis-Reddit

So, what did viewers have to say?

  • Thank you, April. You have confirmed what we’ve known all along; this sh*t is fake as he**.
  • Lots of words. Didn’t answer the question.
  • So basically confirmed it’s for the plot and they’ve been together for a while.

Created Plotline

Seeking Sister Wife viewers had a lot of questions about why Danielle came in first before Jasmine. That did not make much sense if they were both seeing the couple. One suggested that they were told to recreate the beginning stages of dating Jasmine for the show. Then there were others who did not care for Danielle lying and pretending she and Jasmine did not know each other. It’s more of the lying and deceit that fans struggle with and if they are going to lie, they need to work on hiding their social media better. Someone noted that TLC needs to “scrub” the cast accounts far better because whatever they are hiding will be found.

Do you think the filing timeline is a valid excuse or did the Davis family keep Jasmine on the side so they could ensure they had another wife for an extra season? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.

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