Tori Spelling Shuts Down Trolls Before They Begin

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Tori Spelling is making sure to shut down the trolls before they have a chance to begin. The mother of five is celebrating milestones with her children this week. Yet, she knows followers will have their say and some may be unkind. So, before that happens, she is telling them they can stop it right now. Keep reading for more details.

Tori Spelling Shuts Down Trolls Before They Begin

Right now, Tori Spelling is in the process of divorcing her husband of nearly twenty years, Dean McDermott. Together, they have five children, Liam, Stella, Finn, Hattie, and Beau. Dean also has an adult son, Jack from his previous marriage to Mary Jo Eustace but they are currently estranged. It has not been easy for their kids over the last year or so as some have been very sick. The same goes for Tori and initially, it was due to a severe mold problem in their home.

Tori Spelling-Instagram
Tori Spelling-Instagram

They moved out and ended up in a motel and then an RV before settling into a $15K/month lavish rental. Sadly, it seems Tori has moved her family from that home. In the meantime, there have been some major milestones in the kids’ lives. Her son, Beau, graduated kindergarten and her older son, Finn, graduated fifth grade. Yet, after she shared a photo of Beau, followers made some very cruel remarks:


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  • Omg sorry thought that was a girl
  • Her children seem very sad & always look in pain. The face & eyes tell the truth.
  • But why the nail polish and earring? Come on Tori HE in in Kindergarten for crying out loud!! Stop f*c**** with this poor kids head

After this happened, Tori Spelling seemingly issued a warning when it came to Finn’s photo, according to Us Weekly:

“Disclaimer to the haters: Dress code was shorts FYI [because] they had student/teacher kickball AKA sports day right [before].”

In the photo, the mother-son duo is posing in front of 2024 ballons with Finn in a blue and white baseball shirt and long, black gym shorts. He is also donning black gym socks and sneakers as well as his long curls hanging in his face.


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Did They Keep Quiet?

So, were the online trolls respectful of Tori Spelling’s wishes? Or, did they have negative things to say about Finn?

  • Why do people need to comment on how other peoples kids are dressed?!? He’s clean and wearing shoes, he’s FINE.
  • Comments towards children are “OFF LIMITS…period.” Congratulations to you on your graduation!
  • Dress code should be whatever he is comfortable in with given how it hot is over there lol 😂congrats kid!

So, it seems that both Tori and Finn had a lot more support this time around. Hopefully, they see what a proud mother she is.

Do you think that Tori needed the disclaimer and was it worth it? Let us know in the comments below.

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