‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Season 5 Getting Tell-All?

April Davis, Danielle Davis, Nick Davis, Jennifer Davis-YouTube

Is Season 5 of Seeking Sister Wife getting a tell-all or a reunion? Fans have long wondered this as there is so much time that goes by between each season. That means a lot will happen and viewers want to know what happened and they want answers to important BTS questions. So, will this be happening? Keep reading for more details and the answer.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 Getting Tell-All?

Roughly a year and a half went by between Seasons 4 and 5 of Seeking Sister Wife. So, there was a lot that transpired between the cast. The only way to somewhat keep up with the gossip was through social media and Reddit. Sometimes, fans would see the cast out in the wild or they would do deep dives into their lives to get all of the dirt. For example, Dannielle Merrifield gave birth to a baby girl in May 2023 but that was kept under wraps for quite some time. Then, clues started to emerge as did photos of Nathalia Lima, their potential sister wife.

Dannielle Merrifield, Garrick Merrifield-YouTube
Dannielle Merrifield, Garrick Merrifield-YouTube

This season had a lot of ups and downs as well as many questions like did the Davis family know Jasmine before she showed up on the show? It appeared that they did as she was photographed with them in 2021. Then, who was the new lady that had stolen the Merrifield’s hearts? Plus, the other couples were seeking but what did they find? There is a serious need for a reunion or a tell-all, which had been done in Season 2 so will there be one this season? A Reddit thread was started to ask this question:

  • Is there going to be a reunion / tell all? Sorry if this is common knowledge / has been asked but I’m trying to look and I can’t find anything
Justin Ryan, Becky Ryan-YouTube
Justin Ryan, Becky Ryan-YouTube

Fans chimed in and noted that there would likely be no Seeking Sister Wife tell-all:

  • The tell all for S2 was AMAZING I wish they’d do tell alls again lol
  • The tell alls are the only time these people really get called out on their bullsh*t, which makes them very satisfying to watch.

Begging For One

One Seeking Sister Wife fan practically begged for a tell-all as they deemed it highly necessary:

  • TLC please we need a tell all!! Preferably a 2 hour tell all w a host who knows how to ask questions and has watched all the shows! I have 99 questions and TLC could at least answer one

However, at the end of the season finale, the show answered where the cast was today. The Merrifields were with a new woman from Brazil whom they had proposed to and were working on her K-1 visa. Meanwhile, the Davis family agreed that they were done with Jasmine but did find someone that Danielle was happy with. The Ryans had someone but they had yet to meet her while the Sherwoods were still looking. Finally, the Salahuddins did meet someone, they were just waiting to meet her in person.

Do you want a Seeking Sister Wife tell-all or are you content with how the season ended? Let us know in the comments below.

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