‘Seeking Sister Wife’ The Sherwoods Share Cancer Update

Shane Sherwood, Ashley Sherwood-Instagram

Seeking Sister Wife couple Ashley and Shane Sherwood are sharing a major cancer update after an incredibly up-and-down season. They were really trying to find love and a new partner during their preliminary season. Unfortunately, that was not as successful as they had hoped but they had bigger fish to fry. Keep reading for more details and a huge health update.

Seeking Sister Wife The Sherwoods Share Cancer Update

Ashley and Shane Sherwood were introduced in Season 5 of Seeking Sister Wife and they are very interested in adding a wife. There is a lot that is going into their search as Ashley wants a partner and Shane wants to add more children to their brood. Yet, fans were initially turned off by the couple since she was expecting baby number two as she was seeking. Then, on one date, the topic of children quickly came up. Shane later privately noted that his health was a concern and fans were very confused as to what that meant. At that point, he had never said anything about being sick or past history of illness.

Ashley Sherwood, Shane Sherwood-Instagram
Ashley Sherwood, Shane Sherwood-Instagram

It seems that he had faced some serious health issues in the past and, in the Monday, May 13th episode, they had a lot going on. Their potential sister wife decided to end it with them but they welcomed their second son and Shane’s cancer scans came back clean. This is all they wanted but he would have to go back in 6 months. The Sherwoods just posted an update on their Instagram and it was beautiful.

Shane Sherwood, Ashley Sherwood-Instagram
Shane Sherwood, Ashley Sherwood-Instagram

The caption read this:

“Hello, all! I am excited to report that my partial nephrectomy this morning was successful, and I am now cancer-free! I am grateful for my wife’s unwavering support throughout this journey. I love you, babe!”

A partial nephrectomy is a:

“surgery that fixes a kidney condition. The two types include an open partial nephrectomy and a robotic partial nephrectomy. A urologist will correct the condition and remove part of your kidney. They’ll also reconstruct your kidney. Most people fully recover within four to 12 weeks, depending on the procedure type.”

It is unclear which one the Seeking Sister Wife star underwent. However, it is abundantly clear why Shane was adamant about finding an additional partner. He wanted to keep growing his family but maybe, in some small way, wanted to ensure that Ashley was not left alone.

Fans Rejoice

The moment that the Sherwoods shared the good news, Seeking Sister Wife fans immediately chimed in with kind words:

  • That is wonderful news!!! So happy for you and your family 💙
  • Shane! That is amazing to hear! I am so happy for you! Glad you are doing much better! Keep Smiling. Big Hugs!😍😍
  • WONDERFUL news!!!! So happy for you guys omg 🫶
  • That is great news. I was tearing watching you tell your story. So happy for guys congratulations 🙏🏾🤎

Now, they have not stopped seeking as they have been seen on dating apps so hopefully, everything comes together the way they would like. Congrats to Shane on a clean bill of health and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.

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