‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Shane Moving Fast Due To Health Concerns?

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Is Seeking Sister Wife newcomer Shane Sherwood moving fast with the women that he and his wife meet due to health concerns? Fans are wondering if there is something more to his story after he made a slight comment regarding this. So, is there anything wrong with him? Keep reading for more details.

Seeking Sister Wife Shane Moving Fast Due To Health Concerns?

Shane and Ashley Sherwood are looking to add another wife to their family. In this season of Seeking Sister Wife, Ashley is pregnant with their second child. Of course, this is not stopping them from their pursuit. In the latest episode, the couple went on a mini golfing date with a woman named Sarah. Ashley had amazing chemistry with her and Shane seemed to really vibe with Sarah, as well.

Ashley Sherwood, Shane Sherwood-Instagram
Ashley Sherwood, Shane Sherwood-Instagram

Quite quickly, he wanted to know how she felt about having more kids. She already has one but Shane wants to keep growing their family. Sarah made a joke as it may have thrown her off but one fan noticed something and shared it in a Reddit thread.

  • Did I miss something in previous episodes? Have they mentioned in previous episodes that Shane has a serious medical condition? He made comments in last night’s episode like, “We’re fast movers and now is the time to move fast on this just with everything that we have going on.”


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Shane also added:

  • “You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow. I have a lot working against me health-wise so I want to make sure we find the right person for Ashley.

This made her question if Shane was okay or if he was ill and that is why they needed to rush. Did any other Seeking Sister Wife fans have an answer?

  •  I don’t recall ever hearing anything about his health before and was wondering what he was alluding to.
  • I kept thinking it was probably something relatively bull-sh***y, like my father had a heart attack and died young so my time is running out too
  • No, he’s just a h*rndog in heat lol

Perfectly Fine?

It seems that the Seeking Sister Wife star has yet to disclose what his health issue is. No one who was on the thread caught any actual diagnosis or sickness. They think he may just have a bad family history or is using it as an excuse to be intimate faster. Either way, viewers want to know what is wrong with Shane Sherwood sooner rather than later, especially if he is going to keep bringing kids into this world.

Did you catch any illness or health issues or are you just as in the dark as everyone else? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.

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