‘Seeking Sister Wife’ The Sherwoods Looking For Love On Dating App?

Ashley Sherwood, Shane Sherwood-Instagram

Are Seeking Sister Wife couple Ashley and Shane Sherwood looking for love on a dating app? It seems that they may have not made a genuine connection during Season 5. Therefore, this is the way that they ended up going. Keep reading for more details on the situation.

Seeking Sister Wife The Sherwoods Looking For Love On Dating App?

Ashley Sherwood is really connecting with the women that she is meeting on Seeking Sister Wife. So much so that she has no problem introducing them to her husband, Shane Sherwood. He is excited as he feels the same warm vibes from the ladies. Unfortunately, he does come off a bit strong and a perfect example was their date with Sarah. He liked her just as much as his wife said he would and was even taken aback when he saw the two women flirting. Admittedly, he had never seen his wife flirt in front of him before.

Ashley Sherwood, Shane Sherwood-Instagram
Ashley Sherwood, Shane Sherwood-Instagram

However, Shane quickly asked the potential sister wife about wanting children. She already had one but he was interested in knowing if she could see herself having more. At the time, Ashley was pregnant with their second child so it was a bit offputting. This may not have been their time to find a wife as they were recently spotted on a dating app. They are not the only Season 5 couple and newcomers to have been found on one as Justin and Becky Ryan were also seen on one.

Justin Ryan, Becky Ryan-YouTube
Justin Ryan, Becky Ryan-YouTube

A Reddit thread was started as the OP found the Sherwoods on Modern Polygamy and they shared their profile pic.

Ashley Sherwood, Shane Sherwood-Reddit
Ashley Sherwood, Shane Sherwood-Reddit

They said judging by this, it seems that they did not fare well on Seeking Sister Wife. Did others agree?

  • I think tlc is editing their real dating dynamic to make it fit the theme of their show
  • He seems so blah
  • It’s giving – SWINGER 👀😊🤷🏽‍♀️
  • Wtf are you dating for when you have a 5 month old and 21 month old. Be a fu**ing parent.
  • I thought they were both older 😳

What Is Their Deal?

Many Seeking Sister Wife fans were more confused by what they actually were looking for than them being on the site. They felt they were steering toward polyamorous over polygamous with the dynamic that they had. More so, fans questioned if Shane Sherwood was just along for the ride so Ashley could date women. Or, if he wanted to be a part of this, as well. In any case, it is clear that they are still on the prowl and want to find the right fit.

Are you shocked they have not found their match just yet? Let us know your thoughts and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.

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