‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Garrick Merrifield Controls By Baptism?

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Does Seeking Sister Wife star Garrick Merrifield control his women by baptizing them? It appears that this is how he asserts his power plus he uses God as a way to add more wives to his family. So, what is his latest move to prove this? Keep reading for more details.

Seeking Sister Wife Garrick Merrifield Controls By Baptism?

Since things stalled with Nathalia Lima in Brazil, Dannielle, and Garrick Merrifeld continued to pursue other women. They met Mariam who was Muslim and from Michigan so she was familiar with polygamist culture. More so, she was from America so that was another plus. Yet, when she was asked about converting, she was not about to leave her faith and beliefs just for Garrick. The Seeking Sister Wife star was a bit taken aback, especially when she said she could not see herself living in Colorado.

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Garrick Merrifield- YouTube

By the end of the Seeking Sister Wife Season 5 finale, Nathalia sent a message saying she did not like that Garrick was full submission. Additionally, she was upset that the Merrifields had another woman staying at their home when she was not there. So, she ended the relationship. They then ended it with Mariam, welcomed their daughter, Leia, but met another woman, Lorrana. She was from Brazil and Garrick was shown baptizing her in the ocean. Apparently, he did so on their first day meeting and he also proposed within the same time period. Now, the Merrifields are working on getting her visa approved so she can come to America.


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This took viewers aback as they had found another woman, which was fine but of course, she was from Brazil. Yet, what really shook fans was the fact that Garrick Merrifield had the capability to baptize Lorrana. Was this something he felt he needed to do ASAP after feeling so close to Mariam but her refusal to convert? Or, was it him asserting his control over Lorrana as Nathalia said he wanted his women to be fully submissive?

What Is Going On?

After seeing how Season 5 ended with Lorrana and Garrick Merrifield, viewers immediately expressed their thoughts as to what they saw. One of the biggest issues was how Lorrana was dressed and the skimpy bathing suit she chose for this spiritual moment:

  • Getting baptized in a thong is diabolical
  • Hopefully the embassy sees this sh*t and denies
  • I hate watching them it’s sad. She doesn’t find it to be a red flag that he sleeps with all of them before the wedding. He is literally using god as an excuse to sleep around and she is blind to it
  • This, too, will fizzle out, just like Roberta and Nathalie. He’s just a s*x tourist, and Danielle clearly likes that.

It may have just been a way to secure another season on the show but time will tell if Lorrana sticks around. Or, if her visa gets approved but fans definitely do not care for Garrick’s antics.

What did you think of Garrick’s baptizing moment? Was that taking it just a touch too far? Let us know in the comments below.

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