‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Garrick Merrifield Shares Shocking ‘Thug’ Past

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Seeking Sister Wife star Garrick Merrifield is sharing his shocking “thug” past with a potential new sister wife. The Merrifields have been through a lot in the last few episodes and now, Garrick is dropping a bomb. So, what is so naughty about his past? Keep reading for more details.

Seeking Sister Wife Garrick Merrifield Shares Shocking ‘Thug’ Past

Garrick Merrifield prides himself on being a man of faith and that is what led him to polygamy. Most fans think he is just using God as a reason to cheat but he maintains otherwise. Since he and his wife, Dannielle Merrifield started on Seeking Sister Wife in Season 3, they have had three potentials. First was Roberta who was promising but by the end of Season 4, she decided to forego her visa and stay in Brazil. This crushed the family but while they were pursuing Bert, they met Lea from America but she was not a good fit. Finally, they met Nathalia Lima, also from Brazil, through social media.

Garrick Merrifield, Dannielle Merrifield-Instagram
Garrick Merrifield, Dannielle Merrifield-Instagram

However, Dannielle did not click with her but Garrick still flew to Brazil so they could get married. Unfortunately, it was discovered that the Merrifields were polygamists so now they must apply for a different marital visa. As they wait for this, Miriam comes into their lives via social media. On the Monday, May 20th episode, she flew to Colorado to meet them from Michigan. She is Muslim but she comes from a plural family so it works. Now, in a Reddit thread, there is a sneak peek from the Season 5 finale via Pop Culture.


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There, Garrick Merrifield is trying to sound tough to Miriam and shares his tainted past. It starts with them talking about Miriam wearing her hijab which he knows little about. Then, he goes into his rough-and-tumble backstory.

 “I didn’t love God or live for God when I was younger. I was pretty bad. I was a playboy – wild boy.”

He explained that he had started a gang called the “Always Thugging Krew” where people paid him for protection. Privately, Miriam shares her reaction:

“He was telling me about some gang he created when he was younger. Which I found funny because Garrick grew up in this town, and he’s like six generations in, so it’s like, were you spoiled and just a little rebel doing what you wanted to do in the city? It was kind of funny.”

Fans Are ‘Speechless’

After this clip from the Season 5 Seeking Sister Wife finale, fans were speechless. They could not believe what Garrick Merrifield was saying to Miriam and that he had another woman in his life:

  • Always Thugging Krew. I am speechless.
  • When he said he was a playboy back in the day during the preview for next week? I think my wife might have thrown up in her mouth.
  • It’ll be interesting to see how the soft talking works on her lol

As to how long Miriam will last is yet to be seen or if she is just a safety net if Nathalia cannot make it to the US. Do you believe that Garrick is as tough as he portrays? Let us know and watch the season finale of Seeking Sister Wife Monday on TLC.

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