TLC Fans Think Garrick Merrifield Doesn’t Want Any Wives, Why?

Garrick Merrifield - TLC Seeking Sister Wife - YouTube

Seeking Sister Wife star Garrick Merrifield doesn’t really want any new wives, TLC fans believe, and Dannielle Merrifield might be buying into it. What makes them think that? After all, he seemed determined to keep on hunting other women down. Read on to find out why viewers become suspicious.

TLC Star Garrick Merrifield Tries & Fails

Seeking Sister Wife fans can’t get their heads around Dannielle Merrifield. She seems upset each time that Garrick finds a possible wife but eagerly helps him to find them. In fact, she proudly claims that she’s his “wingwoman.” Plenty of people suspect that he groomed her from a young age to cater to his sexual fantasies.

Dannielle Merrifield Smirks About Pregnancy - TLC - Seeking Sister Wife YouTube
Dannielle Merrifield Smirks About Pregnancy – TLC – Seeking Sister Wife YouTube

Garrick Merrifield tried with Lea, Roberta, and most recently, Nathalia from Brazil. With Roberta, TLC fans suspect Dannielle Merrifield tipped the odds against her husband hooking up with them permanently. Most people thought she sabotaged Lea by bringing in a third wife. And certainly, her untimely pregnancy ended things with Nathalia.

Dannielle Merrifield Helps To Chase Partners, Why?

Seeking Sister Wife fans often discuss the man who claimed God wanted him to get more wives. He’s extremely unpopular as he seems keen to get into rumpy-pumpy in a hurry. So on Reddit this week, a TLC fan suggested:

It just occurred to me Ick doesn’t care about marrying any of these women. Once he saw how it went down with Roberta he’s got a new plan. He meets, he bangs, Dani chases them away, repeat. He’s literally just trolling tinder for hookups at this point.


Garrick Merrifield, Roberta-YouTube
Garrick Merrifield, Roberta Seeking Sister Wife – TLC YouTube

In the discussion, Seeking Sister Wife fans wondered if Dannielle Merrifield is playing a weird sexual fantasy game with Garrick Merrifield. Here are some of their thoughts:

  • She said she’s his wingwoman. And maybe Ick knows she will sabotage the relationships anyway.
  • Ick convinced Dummy Dani to divorce him so he can continue to bang her and live with his kids and she can defend him and do his dirty work. This is perversely easier for him than just permanently leaving her and banging away. He justifies his sex addiction (10 dating apps!) to young, hot women by saying that God talks to him in the garage and it’s God’s will.
  • …Seeking sister wife is really the only “Religious” way to justify what is going on in their relationship, because open marriage possibly isn’t in the Bible. But didn’t he ask her for an open marriage initially? Then when that didn’t stick he found a religious explanation.
  • I thought he was into the marriage thing, maybe at some point he was, but now he’s definitely just a hit it and Dani quits it kinda guy.

What are your thoughts about TLC fans suspecting that Garrick Merrifield doesn’t really want a wife, and just wants to make love to other women? Do you agree that Dannielle Merrifield might just help him live his sexual fantasy? Was she groomed by him? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Seeking Sister Wife news.

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