‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Preview: Dannielle Merrifield Genius In Latest Move?


In the Season 4 premiere of Seeking Sister Wife, the Merrifields entered with a twist. They were now courting a new woman named Lea. That did not mean Roberta was left in the dust by any means. It just seemed to make sense to add an additional wife for when Garrick was busy with Bert. Now, fans are thinking bringing in extra wives may have simply been a genius move on Dannielle’s behalf. Was it and why?

The Merrifields Are Seeking Sister Wife– Again

Last season, Dannielle and Garrick were very into their potential sister wife Roberta from Brazil. They had met her on a polygamist dating site. After meeting up in Mexico, Garrick proposed on the second night and he and Dannielle went through with a divorce. They felt getting Bert a fiancee visa would be far easier. After the divorce was finalized, the Merrifields headed back to Mexico for eight days to plan their wedding to Bert. It also would allow more intimate time between her and Garrick but Dannielle found herself extremely jealous, something she knew she needed to overcome. By the end of the season, Garrick and Bert had fast-tracked to babymaking and it was making everyone uncomfortable.


This time around, they had done a non-binding commitment ceremony with Bert but had not seen her in a year. Though her visa was approved, she had yet to move to America. The Merrifields were building a much bigger home for everyone and it came to the point where Dannielle realized she wanted another wife for balance. That’s when they met Lea, 30 on social media and she had all of the things that they were looking for. Plus, she had been in a plural relationship before. Thus, Dannielle and Garrick headed to Cali to meet up with her and see what could come of it. Sadly, Bert was not a fan of introducing someone new into the family and took it very hard.

The Genius In Dannielle?

This week, Garrick and Dannielle set up a video chat between Bert and Lea to make everyone more comfortable. Lea revealed that whenever she has tried to engage with Bert via text, she gets very little back. Dannielle understands what jealousy is like because she experienced the same situation when Bert came into the family. Though Dannielle claims she wants to add another wife to benefit the family, some are thinking it really is just a genius move on her behalf. “This woman is a genius. Adding a 3rd wife to make the 2nd wife that made u jealous, experience your pain…she should teach classes,” one viewer wrote.


In the clip, posted on TLC’s Instagram, Bert is seen crying, as Garrick attempts to console her. Admittedly, the Merrifields wish that she had been there to make the decisions with them. Since she is not and it is taking a long time, they know they cannot put life on hold forever. Many followers do believe that Dannielle is giving Bert a taste of her own medicine, which she clearly does not like.

Do you agree with this? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.


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  1. I’ve never liked Garrick Merrifield from the very beginning. I think the guy is a “milk-toast” He rather likes it when all his “wives” are fighting over him, his ego gets a great boost and to keep the jealous streak going, he torments Dannielle, who has been loyal and supportive to this gutless little runt for years.

    Garrick says all the right platitudes about love and everything will work according to Gods plan blab blab. God does not sanction plural marriages! One man with one women since Adam and Eve!

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